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16 months

Everyday I ask myself where did the time go? Bun turned 16 months old in April.  April 09 he was just a little pink line on a stick. We hadn’t even officially named him husib yet. I hadn’t even imagined this little boy in my life.  This much happiness is incomprehensible even as I experience it.

Bun has grown so much in the past few weeks. He is constantly adding new words to his vocabulary. This month my favorite additions are Uggs (Eggs) and House. He also really understands his relationship with people. My parents were in Philadelphia this week and Bun would say “Deee” and “Babu” everytime the phone rang or he thought someone was at the door.

He really is turning into my little helper these days. He understands when I ask him to bring me something and will often go looking for a specific toy. He is no longer just happy playing with whatever I hand him. He is definitely his own man.

The most obvious personality trait that I have noticed in Bun is that he is a very cautious toddler. He is not fond of climbing up and down stairs and he is still not sold on the idea that slides at the park are fun.  A friend of mine told me that this will all change as he grows bigger and stronger so we’ll see if he gets more fond of heights in a month or two.

Bun is also thriving in every other way. He is a great sleeper these days and nap times are great 90% of the time. He is still a fussy eater, but he will now occasionally eat fish in stick form and chicken in nugget form. The boy is a vegetarian at heart, a vegetarian who doesn’t like veggies. Just like when I was a vegetarian.

Best part of 16 months: The unsolicited hugs and loveys ( a lovey is when he blows a kiss).

Worst part of 16 months: I think we are entering the dreaded “terrible twos” I have encountered my first big parking lot tantrum.

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