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Diarrhea Days

Disclaimer *If you are not a mom and do not deal with poop and diapers on a daily basis, this will gross you out*

I had 3 fun posts planned for this morning detailing the adventures of our weekend but then diarrhea happened and well I guess those posts will have to wait until later.  I guess this one is all about the dark days of mommyhood. I think one of the hardest things of being a mom is watching your baby in pain and not be able to do anything about it. Poor Bun is in a lot of discomfort and all I can offer him now are cuddles, I think it helps but he just doesn’t understand why he feels so shady right now. I think thats one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to the days when he can talk and verbalize how he is feeling.

Anyway, all of this started yesterday morning when it seemed like we couldn’t change his dipes fast enough and his little butt was all red and itchy with the most horrid case of diaper rash I have ever seen. It was bugging him so much that it needed both me and J to do a diaper change because he would kick and scream and cry his little eyes out. We still weren’t too worried, he had had loose poop and diaper rash before, but we started getting concerned when this continued all through the night and the Bun couldn’t stay asleep cuz his tummy hurt and he was pooping so often. Also, he was eating his solids, but I had only been able to get him to drink 6 oz of formula in 12 hrs.  We were seriously freaking out about him getting dehydrated. Also he cries and cries because his diaper rash bothers him when I change him and there is no way that will heal unless his diarrhea goes away and I just can’t stand watching him be in that much pain. I’ve been on the verge of tears all morning my self.

This morning J got some Pedialyte and we tried to give him that but I think he doesn’t like the taste and I’ve managed to get 4 more oz of formula  and some super watery oatmeal in him. He still has diarrhea and is super tired and fatigued, which is seriously starting to make me wonder if we need to take him to the ER. I’m going to see how the next feed goes and then decide if I’m going to take him in. I really really really hope that we don’t have to.

It feels weird to type this all out and post it on the internet but J is crazy busy at work and has meetings today and I am all alone at home worrying and I just needed to get this out. I did however get some super cute pics of  my lil Bun being a trooper. He looks so miserable and cute all at the same time.