Holidays, Toddler

Easter! Easter !

I am an Easter Newbie. I didn’t grow up celebrating easter because unlike Christmas it somehow didn’t spill out into the global secular diaspora. Although I do remember getting Good Friday and Easter Monday being a holiday at school but it was mostly a spring break of sorts.

So egg dyeing, easter bunnies and baskets were very foreign to me.  But this year, it was all different.

We dyed some eggs. Bun didn’t really care for it too much but J and I had a lot of fun

Our favorite easter activity was to go to a Easter Egg Hunt at the Horace Wallace House in Chapel Hill. The house is the office of the Chapel Hill Historic Preservation society and is situated in one of the prettiest corners of the triangle.  Unfortunately, the day was rainy and cloudy and muddy, but we still had a lot of fun at the hunt

OMG!!! Ugggggs as Bun would say.

He doesn’t say OMG but he does say Ugggs for Eggs

He was very serious about recycling the eggs, he didn’t really want to put them in his basket

Trying to open Ugggs

You can see some of the details of the Wallace House

Where’s Bun?

I let him taste un watered down super sweet lemonade.

After most of the legitimate participants had finished the Egg on a spoon race, they opened it up for all the babies and latecomers. So Bun decided to participate

That meant , I had to hold his arm up and walk alongside him

He did go around the full course though and only dropped the egg 4 times.

Holidays, Toddler

Bun Meets Bunny

I was really nervous about taking Bun to see the Easter Bunny this year because our Santa experience was such a fail. But the last few weeks Bun seemed to be interested in walking by the Easter Bunny court at the mall so I decided to go ahead and arrange the visit. While in line the three people in front of us had to leave because their toddlers had more sane reactions to the giant bunny and wanted to have nothing to do with it. I expected the same from my son, but instead I got a Bunny fanboy

 I have this photo on our fridge and Bun loves to walk up to it and babble at the easter bunny and make his little bunny noises.

 It was a meeting of two very old friends, he waved and did his high pitched Hiiiiiiii at the bunny unprompted by me.

This is his “Can you believe how lucky I am” face.

My favorite moments however were the ones when he finally got to walk up to the Bunny after waiting in line. He waved Hi and was “nice” to the bunny , which is essentially Bun trying to pat him. He also tried to give him a hug and inquisitively looked up and down the giant creepy creature and I literally had to drag him out of there because we were holding up the line. I personally don’t get it but Bun is quite taken with a giant rabbit.