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Dinner Fail

7:30 AM in our kitchen as I warm up some milk for the Bun and J packs his lunch

J: Hey, I have to ask you for a favor

N: What?

J: Can we not have noodles for dinner tonight? I have now had dinner for 5 meals straight

Yikes!!!! I didn’t even realize that. We had my version of Dan Dan noodles on Sun night, Chicken and Pasta on Monday night and last night we had spaghetti and meatballs. Also J took leftovers for lunch. I didn’t plan it this way, clearly if I was planning out my meals I wouldn’t have made noodles three nights in a row. J, Bun and I try to eat dinner around the same time and noodles is something that Bun eats used to eat and I guess I focussed so much on toddler food that I forgot about adult taste buds. Somebody help me break out of my noodle rut by giving me some easy dinner ideas that are toddler friendly. I guess it doesn’t even have to be toddler friendly, since Bun has decided to go on the cheerios and grapes diet. It just needs to be easy, quick and noodle free. Help!

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Pillow Mountain = Fail

Gymboree lied to me. Not Gymboree maybe but a Gymboree book. It was a book of baby games that I brought from the library. It lists age appropriate games for babies and it highly highly highly recommends a pillow mountain for babies who are just starting to scoot or do the little butt wiggle to crawl. The baby in the gymboree was just laughing and laughing trying to climb his pillow mountain while his mom looked on fondly! This is what my baby did