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Morning, Afternoon and Night – A Week in My Life Wednesday

I’m sticking to the plan- post #3 of consecutive 7 posts! This is a part of Adventuroo’s A Week in My Life Project.

This is going to be picture heavy.  Photos from by blackberry and P&S- all unedited, since none of the photos seemed inspired enough to edit (ETA- I did crop and storyboard a few)

Wednesday morning was rainy and humid and Bun and I decided to go to Durham Main Library’s story time with Miss Jessica. She does a great story time and also has the toddlers do a craft (In our case, I do the craft, since Bun is still a little too small).

This week’s theme was Owls! The toddlers had Owl name tags and made a owl puppet!

After storytime, I decided to stop by our favorite used book store Nice Price Books near 9th street in Durham and we scored two fun books! Bun loved exploring the “aisles” and looking at the books. And then we were off to lunch.

We had lunch at Dee and Babu’s house (my parents). Bun had scrambled eggs and toast with Jam and yogurt. I had some yummy chicken kebabs.


He was really upset about having to go home from Dee and Babu’s and insisted on splashing in puddles. So we did!!!! Splashing is his favorite outside activity these days. He also call them “Pretty Puddles”

After naptime- I napped yesterday afternoon too, I was tired from not having slept very well the night before- we went outside to play and the dog ran away. So we spent a lot of time chasing Layla Blue. I think Layla would have come home sooner if Bun wasn’t in such hot pursuit.

The mosquitos and the humidity were unbearable so we came inside to play with trains and our activity cube. I’m surprised he chose to play with it, since he generally ignores that toy.

I didn’t document dinner because J was late coming home and I was tired and cranky by then as was Bun and I just chose to skip documenting dinner. Thankfully J got home right as we were getting done, so I was able to run upstairs and get clean sheets on Bun’s crib and run the bath.

And then it was the usual routine- Bath, dancing in front of the mirror,  Playing “House” (where Bun puts a towel over his head and calls it his house), books and cuddle time.

We read The Fathers Are Coming Home by Margaret Wise Brown. Bun’s Shirt is handmade by my dear dear friend Jessica from Happier Still. Isn’t she talented? She gave it to us for Christmas last year and its a little small for him now but still super soft and comfy so he wears it all the time.

Did “Habush” – Brushed Bun’s Hair.

We finished our Bedtime by reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

And then J and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch drinking wine and watching Breaking Bad