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{Friday Flashback} Mothers Day Past

Last spring was not a good time for my family. Its not something that I want to talk about on my blog but I was depressed enough that I didn’t really blog about a lot of big events last year.  Anyway, I have been thinking about Mothers Day a lot this year and I thought that I had better post the only picture i have from Mother’s Day last year that has both Avi and I in it. And in spite of everything that was going on at that time, I did end up having a fabulous mother’s day with my little family.

Avi and I last year on Mother’s Day 2010 at Alivia’s in Downtown Durham. We went there for an early dinner with my parents. Bun is 4.5 months old in this pic and still had the very worried expression he has now.

This is when Bun was still Husib and lived in my belly, so I guess he is technically still in the picture. This was J and my 1/2 mother’s day celebration. We went to play mini golf and  arcade games.  I was 7 weeks pregnant and I was giddy, scared and so happy. My 7 week pregnancy blog post is here

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