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Duke Gardens – A Week In My Life Thursday

You thought I gave up didn’t you? But I didn’t I have been recording and taking photos, just not posting. But in my head if I blog about 7 days of my life it fits Adventuroo’s Week in My Life Challenge. Do not tell me otherwise.

Anyway, Thursday afternoon Bun and I went to Duke Gardens. It was one of J and my favorite spots when we lived near campus but for some reason it seems really far to me from SW Durham and we have only taken Bun a handful of times, and that was when he was an itty bitty baby.

This time though, I timed it and it took exactly 14 mins- Not bad at all. And we had such a great time that I think we will be going to Duke Gardens a lot more in the near future

And now photos:

We entered through the Japanese Gardens and spent most of our time in this section. I love how lush and green everything looks in this photo. It was a cloudy day and the green leaves just popped against the grey skies.

We went and visited the Ducks that live in the “Ocean” as Bun called the little canal/pond. We had some bread with us and fed them. Bun was happy to perch on a rock ledge and just look. He is not into throwing bread at ducks, it seems.

We walked around the Japanese section some more and Bun was absolutely mesmerized with the waterfalls and the Koi pond but he was a little scared and insisted on holding my hand the entire time, so I wasn’t able to get any good photos of him and the waterfalls.

As we were walking back to our car, we took a detour through the area where they do weddings and spotted a really cute bridge and a Lily pond and Bun loved running across the bridge.

J was supposed to meet up with us but he ended up having to work late, so we made our way back home for regular dinner and bedtime.

But I plan on visiting it a lot more in these upcoming fall afternoons.

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Morning, Afternoon and Night – A Week in My Life Wednesday

I’m sticking to the plan- post #3 of consecutive 7 posts! This is a part of Adventuroo’s A Week in My Life Project.

This is going to be picture heavy.  Photos from by blackberry and P&S- all unedited, since none of the photos seemed inspired enough to edit (ETA- I did crop and storyboard a few)

Wednesday morning was rainy and humid and Bun and I decided to go to Durham Main Library’s story time with Miss Jessica. She does a great story time and also has the toddlers do a craft (In our case, I do the craft, since Bun is still a little too small).

This week’s theme was Owls! The toddlers had Owl name tags and made a owl puppet!

After storytime, I decided to stop by our favorite used book store Nice Price Books near 9th street in Durham and we scored two fun books! Bun loved exploring the “aisles” and looking at the books. And then we were off to lunch.

We had lunch at Dee and Babu’s house (my parents). Bun had scrambled eggs and toast with Jam and yogurt. I had some yummy chicken kebabs.


He was really upset about having to go home from Dee and Babu’s and insisted on splashing in puddles. So we did!!!! Splashing is his favorite outside activity these days. He also call them “Pretty Puddles”

After naptime- I napped yesterday afternoon too, I was tired from not having slept very well the night before- we went outside to play and the dog ran away. So we spent a lot of time chasing Layla Blue. I think Layla would have come home sooner if Bun wasn’t in such hot pursuit.

The mosquitos and the humidity were unbearable so we came inside to play with trains and our activity cube. I’m surprised he chose to play with it, since he generally ignores that toy.

I didn’t document dinner because J was late coming home and I was tired and cranky by then as was Bun and I just chose to skip documenting dinner. Thankfully J got home right as we were getting done, so I was able to run upstairs and get clean sheets on Bun’s crib and run the bath.

And then it was the usual routine- Bath, dancing in front of the mirror,  Playing “House” (where Bun puts a towel over his head and calls it his house), books and cuddle time.

We read The Fathers Are Coming Home by Margaret Wise Brown. Bun’s Shirt is handmade by my dear dear friend Jessica from Happier Still. Isn’t she talented? She gave it to us for Christmas last year and its a little small for him now but still super soft and comfy so he wears it all the time.

Did “Habush” – Brushed Bun’s Hair.

We finished our Bedtime by reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

And then J and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch drinking wine and watching Breaking Bad

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Snippets #2 { 10.11.2011} Week in my Life – Monday

So that was a long title….yeah. Anyway, I waffled back and forth about participating in Adventuroo’s Week in Life project – it seemed like a big commitment and if I was going to do it, I wanted to do all 7 days or none at all.

In the end I decided it would be fun to participate but I’m going to do some things differently- I didn’t take any photos yesterday and I planned on this post this week anyway capturing some of the things Bun and I are into right now. So I’ll probably do some traditional posts for tuesday and thursday and maybe the rest of the day will be snippets like this or not…I’m not quite sure yet. But I’m committed to blogging the next 7 days in a row. Thats going to be a record

These Snippets are for the past 2 weeks


*photo by Google Product Search

Reading-   A Life of Spice. I’ve really slacked off on reading this month because I’ve found my mojo on the interwebz lately. So I’ve been reading a lot of blog, and some photoshop tutes

*photo from AMC*

Watching: Breaking Bad is rocking my world right now! I can’t believe I almost gave up on that show. We have the season finale DVRed, but haven’t watch it yet. I ❤ Jesse so much!

Listening: 90s throwback. J and I recently watched the top 100 songs of the 2000s on VH1 while we were super wined up on a saturday night and it has brought back all these memories. So I’ve been playing some late 90s early 00s pop classics like “Since You’ve been gone” and “Mr. Brightside” and “Hey Ya” and dancing around with the kiddo

Wearing: Its fall! My favorite pair of jeans are out and I even rocked some black leggings last week.

*photo from Solo Lisa*

Wanting: These Rainboots  and a return of normal naptime for the Bun


*photo from Amazon*

Reading: Hooray for Fish. Bun really liked some of the books in the Maisy series so I checked this one out from the library since it was by the same authors. Oh, its been such a big hit that I think we might have to buy it. Its colorful and adorable and the words are so easy to say that he has most of it memorized

Watching: Have you heard of the Wonder Pets? They help baby animals and save the day. The show is cute but the entire song is sung and the theme song will forever be stuck in your head. Highly Highly annoying. It has taken over our lives-  Bun loves it though and asks for it constantly and even sings the theme song in the car.

Wearing: I’ve pulled out most of Bun’s fall clothes but I’m still trying to squeeze in some summer outfits for the warm afternoons, since I know it will be the last time he’ll ever wear them.

Playing: Closing doors is the most fun game in our house right now. He goes into rooms and shuts the door and then giggles and giggles. That and cars.



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21 Months

At 21 months, Bun is more like a two year old than a one year old now. He is comfortably settled in toddlerhood, losing his baby ways everyday. He is getting more comfortable with his world, more adventurous in exploration of language, emotions and logic. I think this is one of my favorite ages so far, every morning I get to see more of his personality and his quirks and I love having a front row seat to his life.

He still loves spending time outside and he is now no longer afraid to get off the trail and walk through dirt, mud and grass. He still doesn’t like getting too messy but will tolerate it with good grace.

He loves to talk, the boy is fearless in his vocabulary, he doesn’t shy away from complicated words and he has started putting together phrases and simple sentences. He is very “proper” and prefers to say “Hello” instead of Hi and “Goodbye” instead of just a simple bye.

He is also getting more social, he adores seeing the other kids at playgroup and storytime and will sometimes ask about them when we are at home. He is getting much better at following instructions. Singing is another favorite activity around these parts, and he has added “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “The Wonder Pets” Theme song (I hate that song…it is tattooed in my brain….aaah)

He is still fascinated with construction equipment, especially diggers and firetrucks are still an old favorite.He is also getting more excited about trains and is becoming more aware of the toddler boy crack that is Thomas the Tank Engine. During our time outside, I spend a gazillion hours looking at sticks, bugs and rocks- yea rocks- they are very popular with toddlers.

Bun 21 months is challenging too- Bun has opinions and he now makes them known through tantrums. They don’t last very long but he is one of those kids who holds his breath  when he cries and shrieks and I can see his lips turn blue.  If I usually thump his back, he takes a breath and we are usually in the clear. He also has started trying to “play” with the dog, except Layla really doesn’t want to play, so I spend a lot of time seperating them and asking Bun to “please leave the dog alone”

He is also rather obsessed with his belly button and will lift his shirt and walk around pointing to it (See pic above) It is a very cute belly button (see pic above) but I need him to grow out of this phase. He is still a really skinny kid and I struggle to get him to eat. He is really picky and will only eat a handfull of foods none of which are very nutritious but I’m fighting the good fight one plate of rejected food after another.

But he makes up for all that by being hilarious and cute- He will now say “Baby Funny” or “Mamma Funny” if we make him laugh. He gives real kisses, where he puckers up his lips and leans in with arms open, and the best part is that they are completely unasked for sometimes.

He loves to now take a book with him to bed in his crib and lies in bed reading to himself quietly. He doesn’t have a traditional lovey so its usually a book in the crib or a sippy cup that soothes him when he is upset.  He cracks me up on car rides because I no longer have the radio on because Bun is having a conversation with me or singing loudly. Its one of my favorite times with him.

One Year Ago: Sep 2010, Bun at 10 months



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{Discovering Durham} Fox50 Family Fun Fest

October 1st and on cue the weather turned crisp and cool.  Saturday was sunny and clear, with highs in the low 60s. J and I headed out to the Fox50  Family Fest for the annual duckie races down old bull river. Old Bull river is the canal flowing through American Tobacco Campus, one of our absolue favorite spots in Downtown Durham.

At the Family Fest Rubber Duckies are raced down our little canal to raise money for local non profits. This annual race has been going on for years but this was the first I’d heard about it so it was a brand new experience for us. really is a community affair- high school marching bands, wildlife rescue centers, alternative arts and craft supplies- these were the exhibitors and entertainment. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate- just regular Durham families spending a day out in the autumn sunshine.

One the big attractions were the animals from Noah’s Landing Mobile Nature center. Bun adored the animals on display. He touched a baby alligator, petted a exotic wild cat from Africa, spent 20 minutes just staring at the owls. We also ran around on the grass, played with bouncy toys, drank beer, ate super garlicky fries. Cheered the bright yellow ducks as they made their way down the river.

We brought home a tired baby who went to sleep immediately. J and I had a mellow night where we sat out on our deck (mosquito free, since it was so cold) and spent all night talking. A date night and a family day all in one. A much needed break from our daily grind.

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Sidewalk Chalk -ing

Sidewalk Chalk PlayWe had a brief respite from the rain in the middle of the week. Bun and I played with some sidewalk chalk in the afternoon. He was only interested in the chalk for a little bit. The main attraction was definitely driving his “Dumpity Truck” and “Gween Garbage Truck” outside.  After we drove the trucks for a while he said “Fun- Whee!!!” Only his Whee sounds very stern.  Such a serious little man.

Now that he is 21 months, Bun is definitely getting into more artsy stuff, we have done quite a few fun little crafty things lately. In spite of the short time span spent sidewalk chalking (is that a word?) I think we are going to try it again next time we have lazy afternoon.

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Stinky Shoes

One of the words Bun has learned this week is “Stinky”

It was because these shoes were a terribly buy and made his feet sweaty and stinky.

J would say “Stinky Shoes” every time he took the kiddo’s shoes off. And Bun would giggle

Bun now says “Stinky Shooz” every time he spots a pair of shoes. Any shoes.

Now, he says “Stinky” every time I take off his shirt to change his clothes.

When I change his diaper, He says “Stinky”

The LaylaB comes in from the yard, he says “Stinky”

Its the favorite word around here these days

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21 month Vlog

One of the most entertaining aspects of  toddlerhood is Bun’s exploding vocabulary and his enthusiasm to try out his new words. His favorite thing is now to sing along to the songs we do at story time and gymboree- Happy Birthday (from Birthday parties attended) If you are Happy and you know it and Wheels on the Bus are big favorites around these parts.

His other favorite thing is to refer to himself as “Baby Avi” but I couldn’t get it on video tonight.  I just love his sweet little baby voice and how enthusiastically he say “Hooray”

*The first 8 seconds are bit wonky because of it being exported as quicktime, but it fixes itself quickly*

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How Gyo Fujikawa saved me from the terrible two blues

Last night I spend hours editing a big ole batch of photos. I was super excited to post them on my blog this afternoon and do an update on my happy life. But I just can’t do it this afternoon, because I feel anything but happy and putting up photos of me smiling at my kid just feels dishonest.

Toddlers can be demanding, cruel and rather unpleasant creatures and also the sweetest, funniest and loving ones in the very next instant. Why didn’t someone tell me this before I decided having a kid was a good idea. I guess I should have continued reading past the newborn section in the 8 million parenting books that I browsed back in the baby fever days.

But now that the Bun is finally napping I need something to take my mind off of my troubles so I’m going to write about my new find in children’s author/illustrator that I recently discovered. And so when Barnes and Noble sent me a coupon this month I decided to splurge on a new book for Bun. I was originally looking for “O What a Busy Day” but my local store didn’t have that one so I chose to get the A to Z picture book instead

*photo via Sycamore Street Press*

*photo via Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid loves*

And I’m absolutely  in love with her simple bright colorful illustrations. They have a vintage, timeless feel to them without crossing over into the cheesy territory. Even the black and white illustrations have so much character and pop. I looked her up on wikipedia and she was one of the first illustrators in the US who published books with multi racial characters, which is something really rare in vintage books. I’m so happy with our new find, I can’t wait to explore more of her books.