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Always September

I was sitting here trying to think of all the major milestones that have happened in my life recently so that I could update my blog when it dawned on me that September has been a very big month for J and I

Here’s why-

Sep 2002 – J told me loved me and kablam we were in a relationship after nearly 2 years of just “being close friends”

Sep 2004- J and I broke up for a week after having lived together for 3 weeks. Yep it was that hard, but I’m glad we got back together again

Sep 2007- J and I got married for the first time (1 of 3) in the Durham Courthouse

And this year…

Sep 2010 – J got his PhD, something he has been working on for the last 5 years. Go J.

I guess mission Durham is complete.

We now have a whole crop of new challenges ahead of us though, mainly, what happens next. We both really really want to stay here and not move but with the economy being in recession, it might not be in our hands.