New Townhouse

The Day after my birthday J and I signed a lease on a new townhouse and started moving in immediately. We were in a two bedroom before but a very small 900 sq feet one. The new place is older than our apt and the carpet and decor is a bit dated ( ummm….wallpaper in the kitchen, orange carpet, Yikes) but its 1500 sq feet and huge with a very nice deck and in a great neighborhood. Thursday night after we got our keys, J and I celebrated with my birthday icecream cake and excitedly making plans for the new house and on friday we started moving our stuff in. As of right now, all our rooms except for our bedroom and heavy furniture is in the new place and this saturday some of the guys from J’s lab will help us move our bed, futon, loveseat into the new place. Here are some pics of the new place. It looks very transitional b/c some the rooms have our books and crap moved in already, but I think they will make for good before and after pics once we have it all set up nicely.


Layla in the new house. She is still not super sure about it, but this was her first visit. Thats the kitchen floor, isn’t it hideous? There’s a few patches that are worn and  our landlord said , they dont’ even make that pattern anymore, ha ha


View from the entrywayinto the living room


View of the Kitchen . It is actually really sunny and big and other than the flooring, I love it

IMG_3915The living room is a mess but J’s working on it

IMG_3917You can see our fireplace in the living room from the dining area


THats the master bedroom with the ugly carpet

IMG_3921This room will be the nursery/guest room, its almost identical to the master bedroom. Also, there’s layla’s tail


Layla enjoying our nice new deck

IMG_3926The backyard

IMG_3928We have these planter boxes, so maybe I’ll attempt a garden.

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