A big banana

Baby gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day, both for hydration and nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting. And, these days, those taste buds actually work! Studies show that after birth, babies are most interested in tastes they’ve already experienced through amniotic fluid. Meaning, think about what you want your future child to eat as you prepare your own lunch.

Pregnancy has been prett okay this week. I feel fat and useless during this move. When J and I got all our stuff, other than 2 big pieces of furniture, I helped move everything else. THis round, its all J by himself. I also think the veins on my legs are looking ugly which makes me think I might get varicose veins, this made me cry last night. Super! Otherwise, Husib is definitely making his presence known by kicking all the time. He is becoming more real everyday and I have been having a lot of husib dreams. He is always a toddler or a child in them but not a baby. Also seriously, this week husib is a 3/4 lb banana, I have never seen a banana that big in my entire life.

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I don’t know, I haven’t looked, but I’m pretty sure I’m up by like +5, I have the appetite of 3 teenage boys these days.
Maternity clothes? Ordered some maternity clothes when Gap and Old Navy were having a sale, including some jeans, but they haven’t arrived yet.
Stretch marks? No new ones but I could be in denial. My new fear is varicose veins
Sleep: I’m getting more used to the waking up in the middle of hte night and my body pillow still rocks! Getting more used to the insomnia too

Best moment this week: Moving to our new place, not directly pregnancy related but we are moving b/c of husib

Movement: All. the . time
Food cravings: Sour Gummi Lifesavers, ice cream, otherwise it changes all the time
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs: Too early
Pregnancy Symptoms: A giant belly! movement, peeing more and more. I feel like freaking pregnancy cliche, I got heartburn the other day, and my belly is rock hard. Also, I get tired super easy
Belly Button in or out? Its definitely flattening
What I miss: beer and not feeling useless
What I am looking forward to: Being done with moving in. moving sucks, I’ll be happy once we are all the way in the new place and all set up
Weekly Wisdom: Do not move during your pregnancy, it can be done, but its not fun. Also invest in tums, i had never taken tums before in my life, but I bought a industrial size bottle this week
Milestones: Moving into our new place!

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