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Birthday Belly

My birthday was last week and I’m a slacker so I had to wait this long to finally post about it! But I had a very good excuse, I got in a fender bender, had to spend hours at the DMV and sign a lease on a new place and start packing and moving, so all in all its been a very very busy few days for me. So here’s a whole lot of posts in a row, just how I like it!

For my birthday this year, I had a very bittersweet day. Next time this year, I will have a teeny tiny baby boy who will be in my life, so this was the last birthday that was just me and J. I went to work in the morning and took the afternoon off to go to the DMV and my insurance office to deal with the paperwork from my fender bender the day before. I finally made it home by 4:30 super tired and took a quick nap. J came  home shortly after and surprised me with a very funny card and some lovely roses and then it was time to go to dinner. I wanted the dinner to be the highlight of my day, but it ended up being the highlight of the year! We went to Elaine’s on Franklin Street. It has consistently been one of the best restaurants in the area for a few years and I was really excited to try it. I wore a new maxi dress for the occassion, since they seem to be all the rage and it seemed like a good prego option. So I got all prettified and J took some pics and then we went to our fab dinner! I ordered the foie gras with a black cherry tart for an appetizer, a virgin cosmo for a cocktail, and Pan Fried Halibut with Blue Crab salad and corn succotash and I finished it all off with a warm chocolate cake with vanilla bean icecream. J got flounder ceviche and a Bison NY Strip Steak and his hearts fill of Mint Juleps. We took nearly 3 hours to get through dinner and it was wonderful, chatting and talking about all the new changes in our life. When we got home J had another surprise for me, instead of my yearly cupcakes he had been listening to my requests and got me an Ice Cream Cake! We decided to save it and celebrate with it next day in our new house.






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