A Royal Carribean Cruise!

I was sitting at my desk thinking wistfully that this time last week , I was in Nassau, tipping over a jet ski and that motivated  me to update my blog about our fun cruis to the Bahamas and Florida.

J and I had the best time and it was super special cuz we took this trip to celebrate our one year anniversary and also have super late honeymoon. We did loads of fun things like

We went on a jetski

I fell off a jetski and then a little while later, J was showing off so he flipped the Jetski and both of us were in the water

Saw some of the most gorgeous sunsets from our ship

Got into Atlantis for free and saw their sharks and stingrays

Lost $5.00 gambling

Laid out on the beach and just relaxed.

Ate delicous food

Ate Conch fritters

Saw chickens in Key West


Our stateroom, it was tiny but really cozy and we loved looking out of our porthole every morning.

img_3492The main centrum of the ship,I thought it was really pretty.

img_3528There’s a little plaque next to this gate that says “Central Bank of Bahamas”. This must be their old office because the only security it has was some barbed wire.

img_3540I love the color of the water in this photo. Also this pic is taken after we had snuck into Atlantis. Yay!

img_3556Those Conch fritters were damn tasty. To me it tasted like a mix between shrimp and oyster and then they were deep fried in dough and served with fry sauce! So delicious

img_3559One of the many cool sunsets, this one is looking over downtown Nassau

img_3634Other cities have pigeons that roam around freely in public spaces, in Key west its Chickens!

img_3642 Our Ship is so cool!

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