Happiness is February

I can’t believe one month of 2009 is already gone! I’m trying to not be sad about it but get excited for Feb! I have some fun things coming up and I’m really looking forward to a short month!

The biggest thing going on is that K is coming from SLC to visit me for 4 whole days! I’m super excited, we have plans of going out, sleeping in, doing some scrapbooking etc and just having a fun girly time.

Also, Anthony Bourdain is coming to the new Durham Performing Arts center this month and I absolutely love love love him. I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential and I love his show No Reservations on the Travel Channel, I think he goes to the most amazing places and I definitely share his view points about cuising and culture, so yeah, super excited to see him. 

J and I will also have plans to go see a Spearhead concert and maybe check out a few local bands to expand our musical horizons. Also, Its Valentine’s day, so I’ll get to be all romantic and eat good food for a day. Also, the weather has turned, its still cold but not too bad and the forecast calls for clear sunny days. All in all, Happiness looks like February

Check out some Bourdain eye candy! Ofcourse pics are not by me, its from Google Images 

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