What I did in 2007


photo: google images

I stole this idea from a blog that I ocassionally read. Its a list of things I did in 2007 that are important for me to remember, so here goes-

In 2007 I….

got married

once at the court house

once in a cabin in the mountains, in a snow storm

once in a traditional ceremony in Kolkata

planned a wedding

managed to actually pull it off..mostly glitch free

travelled to India

started scrapbooking

gave a speech in front of 250 people

hiked the “grand canyon of the east”

walked on Stilts

got a promotion

gained 10lbs

lost 3

lied for a friend

cooked meals for people other than J or my parents aka entertained

hosted a “depressing music” party

went to a bridal shower for the first time-my own

went to the Outer Banks

had a bloody mary on the beach

saw a water snake

tasted Ceviche

tasted failure

learned to love Football

adopted the cowboys

splashed down a giant funnel in a water park

rode on 10 or more roller coasters in a day

got my first real updo

kissed my new husband in a snow storm

saw the blue man group

took a girls only, crazy, wild road trip to vegas

bought a new TV

ate a funnel cake

spent a whole day snowed in with my favorite people

became a proud owner of a mp3 player

fell in love with Kolkata

reconnected with my cousins and my family

Celebrated new years eve with my family after nearly 5 years

felt the first pangs of a ticking biological clock

geared up for 08

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