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Bricks and Mortar

Slow and Steady, that me when in comes to photos. It took me forever to get my India photos uploaded and organized and now I keep finding photos that I absolutely must post. So if you are seeing of seeing photos, I guess don’t be reading this blog for a while. Hee


An abandoned old house in Ballygunge (my grandparent’s neighborhood). My dad told me a story about how a British Managing Director used to live there in this mansion’s hey day and how he had peacocks and exotic birds as pets in the yard. Sad to see it come to this.



J , KD and I spent a fantastic day with my Uncle visiting some old British Raj architectural gems in Kolkata. This is a photo of a gazebo in the garden of St. John’s church, the oldest Church in Kolkata, from the late 1700’s. I took this photo because it reminded me so much of a setting in a Gothic novel, with brave, governess heroine, old decrepit buildings, exotic gardens.



Inside St. John’s church. The fans are such a Indan touch. This church also had the most awesome shutters on its huge windows, and it had some cool stained glass as well.



The famous Victoria Memorial. It definitely was as cool  as I expected.



The Kolkata High Court. It used to be the Supreme court of India when the British used Kolkata as the Capital City.



St.Pauls Cathedral. Another old church but from the 1800s.

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