A New Year

I heaved a sigh of relief today as I realized I posted a few of my wedding photos finally. I’m still not done, I want to make a slideshow with the pro pics and I want to post more pics from Kolkata and our trip to the beach but atleast its partly done.

In other news, I’ve slipped into the new year and the new semester and it seems ridiculous that Jan is already over. Right now life is stressfull and busy but also seems to be zooming by super fast. J and I did some fun things this January, I went to CA for the long weekend and visited with my parents, we went to a concert to see Badfish( A tribute band for Sublime) and followed it up with a fun night out on town.

J and i also had a divinely lazy weekend where all we did was make up new cocktails, drank some Absinthe that I bought in CA , watched movies, read for ridiculous amounts of time, and ate out a lot. In other words- A perfect weekend. I’ll post more on it later. For now, I’m off to class.

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