Making it Legal

So like my last post said, on friday J and I went down to the court house to apply for a marriage license and also to have a judge sign it. The license office was downtown and since we don’t go to downtown durham very often, we immediately got lost.

Appylying for the license was a fairly easy part, we had to fill out a form, pay a $50 fee and then swear/affirm that we were not lying about who we were and sign our application. Me being the dork that I am had of course filled out the application wrong and on the box it says Are you two cousins, I marked yes! Thankfully it didn’t too long to fix.

 After that we had to go to the Judge’s waiting room, which was a dull dreary white room and wait till 3pm when the judge would marry us. J and I were initially worried that getting this done would mean that we were taking something away from our real ceremony , but dealing with the bureaucracy and waiting around forever made us realize, this was more of a legal hassle than a ceremony. Our witnesses DS and Y arrived promptly at 2:45 and the judge called us into his office.

J of course , being the loud mouth that he is offended the judge

Judge: Hello young man, are u excited

J(in very bored voice): No

Judge: But u are getting married

J: yeah, but this is just a formality, we have a really nice ceremony planned, so really this is just something we have to do

And right after J said that , the poor Judge’s face crumpled and he was rather cold and distant the rest of the time. The judge had us stand and affirm that we wanted to get married, then had us hold hands and say a very distilled version of the traditional vows. J got a little emotional and I was on the verge, but I wanted to keep a little perspective. Thene he said we could kiss and the witnesses could sign and we were out of there. The whole “ceremony” took about 8 mins max.

After the ceremony, our witnesses and some friends we had asked to meet us went to a few bars to celebrate and then we took everyone out for dinner. It was a really fun night.

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