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Leaving on a Delta Plane

Okay,so technically we are flying American Airlines, it just didn’t sound cool as a title.  So we are leaving in 16 hours for UT. I can’t believe it, its been so stressful lately turning stuff in for school and I am really excited to not think about it for a while. I’ll deal with the consequences when I get back.

 Its been a busy couple of days and its going to be super busy the next couple of hours! I got my dress back yesterday and it fits beautifully, thanks to all that extra weight I gained. Oh well!

 This week, I also dealt with the case of the missing cake lady and got another one to do my cake instead. Also, I decided I didn’t like the flowers my mom wanted, so I’ll be making my own bouquet! We also finally have all our food finalized and it place and we hired the people I originally wanted. J and I also finally managed to find a tie for him that will look good with his suit! ( He looks hoooooottttt! )

 I am so excited, hence the crazy rambling of superflous details.

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