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The Wedding Guest

This wedding guest aged 19 months arrived at the wedding right after naptime and a sippy cup full of milk. He would not let go of the sippy cup, so his poor mama could take some pictures of his cute outfit.

He tried to sing Happy Birthday during the processional. (Bun thinks all parties are birthdays).

He missed the entire ceremony because his mama had to take him out to the lobby so other people could hear the bride and groom and not his singing.

He ran around the entire reception so his mama did not have a chance to really have meaningful conversation with the bride, the groom, her cousins or any other guest.

He ate his Chobani yogurt and refused to touch the kids meal (which I’m sure was not cheap). This was even more mortifying because we were sitting at the host’s table.

He clapped at inappropriate times during the toasts and kept asking about the flower girl (the cutest 2 yr old ever and Bun’s first crush)

He pooped the biggest poop of his life right when the dancing started and his mama wanted to shake her booty, but instead had to change a gross diaper that left her smelling like poo. {And not even your blood relatives will come near you on the dance floor after that}

But he looked so damn adorable and cute and goofy that his mama was super happy that he was her date after all.

*** I wasn’t able to get very many good pictures of him at all since he just wouldn’t hold still and I couldn’t manage my indian outfit and chase after him very well. I’m going to see if my mom got some good ones (maybe even one of me) and post them.****

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A Bahamas Extravaganza

So J and I have now completed one year of marriage. To celebrate, we are going on a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. We will be travelling from Jan 19th through the 23rd and our tickets have already been bought. It was our anniversary present to ourself. We will be sailing on Royal Carribean’s Majesty of the Seas

Our itinerary is Miami-Nassau-Cococay Islands-Key West -Miami. I am so excited for this trip and to go snorkeling and doing other fun water activities.

Some photos of CocoCay , Nassau and Key west-

CocoCay Island- Cant wait to jump in that water
CocoCay Island- Can't wait to jump in that water


Buildings in Nassau. I am more interested in exploring the city this time, as Ill probably do most of my water/beach stuff at Cococay
Buildings in Nassau. I am more interested in exploring the city this time, as I'll probably do most of my water/beach stuff at Cococay


Hemingway House- J loves Ernest Hemingway, so well probably check this out
Hemingway House- J loves Ernest Hemingway, so we'll probably check this out
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Bou Bhaat, Phool Sajja


J and I having the giant post wedding lunch or Bou Bhaat



I am now officially a married lady so I am now serving rice to my elders



J ate a fishhead a delicacy for the post wedding lunch



J and I had a Thank you party at an old Club in Kolkata for our closest family.



A delicious chocolate Mousse cake that we cut at the party



Phool Sajja or our flower decked bed

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Bibaho – The Actual Wedding Ceremony

india-812.jpg india-806.jpg


The wedding feast.









J’s ride


My Mum, J and my FIL. The Bor Jatri (Boy’s family) arrives.


My father offers J many things, he is asking J to marry me.


J accepted, so J and I exchange garlands.



My father does the Samprodan or Kanyadan (giving away of the bride)



We make offerings to the fire


Putting puffed rice in the fire



Did it 3 times



After J has already put the sindoor on my head, my mum and grandma put it on me as a blessing.



The end of the ceremony.



With my parents

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Gaye Holud- Morning of the wedding


J and our friend BD smeared in Turmeric. We had a full on water/turmeric (a kind of spice paste)


BeforeI was smeared my mom did my boron or blessed me


Being doused with water after they all got me good. Unfortunately, the groom and the bride can’t smear anyone. This is just a different  version of a photo from my cousins wedding. I guess all bengalis have this photo in their wedding album.

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Shaam e Ghazal

Here are some photos from rooftop cocktail party before my wedding. This was just for close family and friends so sort of like a rehersal dinner. This was one of my favorite parties of the year. The setting was the rooftop of my Grandmother’s apartment building. The entire roof was decorated with little lights and there were ethnic umbrellas over the dinner tables. There was an open bar and we had a Mughlai buffet dinner which had roomali roti, mutton rezala and other yummy dishes. The highlight of the eventing was the live Indian band, that sang romantic Urdu ghazals (songs) and some fun songs that everyone could dance. Everyone had a great time

 Enjoy the photos. These photos are also from my friend BD.


Before the Party



On the rooftop



The Ghazal Singers


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The 18th evening we had a small and super informal Henna night at my grandparents flat. My mom, my aunts, my cousin and of course me all had our hands hennad, I actually even had henna on my feet too. This time almost every surface on my palms had henna and thankfully I didnt’ have to sleep in them.

india-327.jpg india-328.jpg

Henna on my palm and the back of my hand



my mom getting henna done



my mammoni shows off her henna



My Tauma sings while we wait for our henna to dry

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A Mad Rush- The Beginning

All the photos on this post are from my friend BD. All my photos from the first few days were accidentally deleted. Thanks BD for coming through and letting me use your pics.


Getting ready to try on Sarees at a Park street Saree Shop


Right as we got to Kolkata, I had to scramble to ensure that I had everything I needed for my bridal trousseau. My mom and aunts had purchased most of the stuff but I still had to buy a few more sarees and get my blouses stitched and ensure that I had jewelry to go with all my outfits. 


Birla Lakshmi Narayan Temple was on one of daily walking paths. The temple is made of a pale gray and white sandstone and marble.


The first week, J, KD, BD and I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast flat or Guesthouse, as they are called in India. We had two rooms and use of the living room and dining room and a caretaker who made our breakfasts. We would wake up early in the morning and go on walks and try out different mishti shops (sweet shops) for breakfast. Haldirams, which is a major Indian food retailer had their store very close and we had breakfast there one morning.


Delicious Mishti (sweets) displayed at Haldirams

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A Late Start to 08

photo by BD

Wow, who knew 3 weeks could fly by so quickly? It only seemed like it was a few days ago that I left for India and now I’m back in town and starting the first day of school.

There is so much to write and so many photos to post that I almost feel overwhelmed with where to start! J and I had a fantastic 3 weeks in Kolkata, India with our family and friends and we also had a wonderful traditional bengali wedding ceremony.

We arrived in Kolkata on the 17th and spent the next day and a half shopping and getting ready for the festivities ahead. On the 18th, we had a henna party at the grandparents flat, where all the women in the family had henna done on their hands. On the 19th, my family threw a cocktail/sangeet party and on the 21st we actually had our ceremony.  The 22nd afternoon we had a luncheon for Bou Bhaat and on the 23rd J and I threw a party  for our close family and friends as a gesture of thanks. Finally, all our wedding festivities were over!

The next week J and I spent a lot of time exploring Kolkata with KD and our friend BD and we also attended one of my cousin’s wedding.  We also took a day trip to the Kali temple at Dakhineshwar where J and I did a puja in our name and we also visited Belur Math on the banks of the river Ganga. After spending new years with my family J and I took a big group trip to Mandarmoni, a little beach town in West Bengal. It was a fantastic trip , although we were there for a very short time and after that it was only a matter of days before we were heading back home.

I have tried to bread the trip down into segments with photos. Its going to take me a few days to get everything sorted and posted but here’s a start!