Which comes first…..

I feel really frustrated about my wedding plans lately. I did go ahead and decide on a Save the Date. I guess we are going to do Send-O- Matic ones becasue even though it is a pay site, it is not very expensive. All I’m waiting for is a final list from our parents and that seems to take them forever. J and I have decided that if we dont’ get a list by Friday night, we are mailing those suckers out anyway.

Things that need to happen by this weekend:

Find a house/apartment/condo for my family while we are in UT for the wedding.

J absolutely needs to follow up , what the hell is going on with his suit

We need to come up with an events calendar for the wedding, which is hard at the moment because I don’t know how many people to plan for. Also it would be easier to plan events if we had accomodations booked because it would let us know what activities are even feasible.

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