Poker Face

Last night J and I went out to play poker with his regualar group of poker buddies. It was really fun because Y went with us and also the hosts wife played as well. I was pretty amazed that I came out two dollars on top. I had gone all in one hand, lost and then I had to buy back in,but at the end of the night still recovered all my money. Some of the guys that play are really intimidating though and I realize the only way to not be bullied on the table is to play a lot and get more confidence. I also feel like playing with flair comes with practice. A lot of people who did play some big hands came out even or won really big. I only won because I played small ,steady hands.

There is a really neat coffee shop in our old neighborhood called Broad Street Cafe that host poker games every tue and thu night and I really want to go check it out next week. I think its funny that they can’t call it gambling and you technically don’t play for money but you play for points instead. My theory is that points are less motivating that money and one would take bigger risks with their hand.  The thrill of poker is in taking huge risks, risking points doesn’t seem like a huge gamble to me. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I play there.

1 thought on “Poker Face”

  1. Poker face? I like this words, I come across this words in some movie, can’t remember what movie already…

    People said if you don’t show any impression on your face, nobody will know your hand of cards… and you will win finally…

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