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Spring Forward

Today is a pretty fabulous day…at least for a monday. Work is slow, which means I have plenty of time to do some “research” and run errands. Also , after a really fun and relaxing weekend, its good to have a nice chill monday. I am actually excited and rejuvanated for school. I am extra motivated to be organized and be completely on top of my assignments for the rest of the semester.

Anyhoo, on wedding related notes, I emailed a lady who is starting a catering business in SLC to see if she can give me a quote. I am a little nervous because she doesn’t have a website, and for people like me, who are planning weddings from far away, websites are a must have. I really do not understand businesses, in today’s day and age who do not have a website. Weird. Anyway, the reason, I moved past the lack of website, is because she said she specializes in international and exotic cuisine. Since we are trying to do a fusion of Indian and non Indian food, I thought it would be worth a look. Fingers crossed!

I had a pretty bad panic attack about the planning too, I feel like nobody else is planning a wedding in a place where they don’t live, or don’t have family and neither do they have a wedding coordinator. I did manage to console myself by thinking, if companies can do business globally w/out any face to face contact, then I can definitely plan a party. Wonder if I can put that on my resume under “management and planning experience”? hmmmm…..

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