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Reality Bites….not really

I actually feel productive these days, when it comes to wedding stuff. Though J and I have moments of uncertainty and cold feet, we are staying on course for the actual planning. I think a little nervousness, a dash of apprehension, maybe, is a good . Makes things much more exciting. It actually makes the wedding a big deal for us, rather than just a party for friends and family.

Now, what is all this planning I’ve doing , you ask? Well…we have a location, a real venue. We are getting married in the mountains in utah, which is something I wanted when I was younger and growing up there. It will be in Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is one of my favorite places in the world. It almost feels like home, when I think about the number of long drives, and hikes I’ve done up there.

It still feels like there is a lot to do and now that the wedding is 6.5 months away, it seems like a good idea to keep a log of things somewhere. That somewhere is here.

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