Friends, Life


It was my last week at work so JJ and I decided to ask each other dumb questions, Some are good, some are just dorky, but worth remembering….

Read JJ’s answers here

Q:mustard or mayo?
Q:chocolate or vanilla?
GG: Chocolate
Q: fave tv show as a kid?
GG:He-man and small wonder
Q;favorite grade?
Q:The competition you were most happy to win?
GG:a singing competion in first grade, i was so nervous and excited for it and i couldn’t believe i won.yeah,my prize was a book of russian fairy tales
Q: what would you do if you had found $15?
GG:a long lunch and a second hand book
GG:Going somewhere exotic, and immersing myself in the culture, like living/vacationing in one place for 3 months maybe, so I can know all the secrets and like you said, eat all the good food that the place has to offer.i love the idea of being able to go to another country and living there for a long time and not have to work and just hang out
Q: would you rather be a stay at home mom, or have your partner be a stay at home dad. and you had to choose
if i had to choose, i ‘d rather be the one staying home too, but yeah, in the real world, it would be working part time and staying home part time
Q:what is your favoirte thing about thanksgiving?
GG:The food, and all the different types of food. its a total excuse to pig out
Q:fave christmas present ever?
GG:my leather jacket
Q:what would you do if you had two months to yourself?,no work/ family/ bf?
GG:okay, then travel, read, take interesting pictures, make myself write, take a dance class, really experiment with recipes and make weird dishes and take a long bath atleast 2 times a week
Q:your fave outfit (that you own, or might want to buy) that you think makes you look super sexy, and confident and hot
GG:my black chiffon dress, my hair looking hot(w/out frizz) and this long dangly earrings and my high heeled sandals
Q:favorite childhood game?
GG:i used to have this board game called memory, cuz i kicked everyone’s ass, and pretending to be a bookseller
Q:your favorite summer activity?
GG:BBQ’s ,lazing around and going hiking. Also i love hot summer afternoons when i can read and drink some super tasty drink
Q:fave lunch food?
GG:quiznos soup

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