Typical Monday

So this morning, while brushing my teeth, I thought of the most marvelous topic that I wanted to blog about. I planned out the whole entry in my head and made a mental note, that I was definitely going to blog today.

Well, as it always happens, I got to work and did remember that I wanted to blog ,but I’ve completely drawn a blank on the topic. I remember thinking about it, but I can’t recall what it was exactly that I wanted to write.

In other news, J is out of town this week, atleast till Wed! Boo Hoo, I miss him. Actually I didn’t really miss him terribly till last night. It was nice to have the computer, TV, stereo, nintendo, kitchen, bathroom, bed, closet, layla all to myself! Woo Hoo!!!! But going to bed last night, made me wish, he was around to cuddle with and now especially waking up without cuddling in the morning sucks!

I’m such a baby!

And now that i’ve grossed everyone out with sappiness, I’m off to finish my lunch.

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