Top 10 fave things about the holidays!

Girlie Girl and JJ’s top ten

This is a hard list for me to do this year, since this will be a very untraditional holiday season for me.

Food: It should be no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that Food is the favorite part of my existence. What better time than the holiday season to give in to my gluttonous(sp?) nature! Thanksgiving dinners, holiday parties, work parties, its all perfect!!! Also usually holiday events tend to be a little more formal, which means I get to dress up. Fashinonable and full! thats my motto for this season’s holidays!

Love/Family: So this is cheesy, but the holidays really are about family and loved ones, all the other things on this list basically revolve around them. I am going to miss J so much this year for christmas and thanksgiving and I’m also going to miss my dad because he is not going to India with us :(. And its not just family , its also family friends and boring relatives and whiny bratty cousins, all these things are charming during the holidays. It makes the house bustle with activity and laughter.

okay, i just made myself puke from my own sappiness…..

Wacky Rituals/Traditions: I know every family has their own weird unique ones, that defines them, so I’ll just list some of my favorite ones.
A)My mom and her best freind celebrate thanksgiving togehter every year and every year they choose a different cuisin, so we’ve had chinese thanksgiving, indian thanksgiving, thai thanksgiving, regular thanksgiving and creole thanksgiving and many more. Not all of them turned out great, but it was always great fun to see what each years theme would be

B)J and I go to the mall before christmas together and buy our selves a present, something extravagant or small that we’ve lusted after but haven’t bought because it wasn’t practical.

C) We watch sappy holiday movies

D) For Thanksgiving (since J and I started living together) we plan our menu together and J actually gets really involved and grcoery shopping and cleaning the house becomes fun activities.

New Years Eve: Its my favorite party of the year!!! I can’t remember a single band new year’s eve party. I get to dress up , get completely wasted and then make out like crazy with J in public at midnight and then hug everyone!!!!Once I even drank a whole bottle of champagne by myself, why? cuz i could and it was New years. Woooooooooooooo. J and I are hoping this is atleast one holiday we’ll be able to spend together and make out sloppily in public. Hey , it works for us k

Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Year’s Day aka The morning after!: I guess we can call this A) Thanksgiving, B)Christmas C) New Years Day

A) Thanksgiving Day is usually started with a sense of dread in my stomach. How am I ever going to finish cooking that much food and am I going to be able to eat as much as i want? Cooking the turkey and checking on it 8 billion times and then after hte big meal taking a nice long nap is my fave part of turkey day!

B) Opening presents, clearing up wrapping paper and eating a big breakfast. Thats the right way to celebreate Jesus

C) New Years Day, Two words, Hang over, and then Brunch with friends, where none of us can speak cuz our voices are hoarse from screaming and really we don’t want to discuss things that transpired the night before.

Presents:Okay, so I know, presents make our holidays commercial and consumeristic and takes away from the real meaning of the holidays, yada yada, yada….but really is there a single person who doesn’t enjoy opening a brightly wrapped present. And its the perfect opportunity to splurge on something ridiculously expensive for the people you love!

Ornaments: i love christmas tree ornaments, i don’t really buy that many of them, but i love walking through the aisles during christmas and seeing the really nice ones with all the detail and the shiny stuff. Also J and i have decided to follow his family’s tradition of buying each other a cute and symbolic ornament each year, we also get one for the laylster

Shopping: I don’t think I even need to explain this in detail. Shopping without having to feel guilty! Infact it even becomes a “to do”. How awesome is that, plus the malls are bustling and I can talk J into going with me and he has to, cuz he has to figure out presents for his fam.

Decorations: Call me cheesy, but I love christmas decorations. I’m not a big halloween, or other holiday decorator, but I don’t what it is about Christmas that makes me gush over $1 Santa plates at Target. I also love seeing Poinsettias in living room and christmas lights on rows of houses. Especially after a light snow fall. I also don’t mind the reindeers and Snowmen and giant Santa’s. Although I can’t stand the nutcrackers.

Holiday Travel: Now I know some people hate airports and travelling this time of year, but not me. I love being on the plane with other (generally) happy people who are excited about making their yearly journey to see their friends and loved ones. People are little nicer in the lines, the drab airport is decorated, you can see wrapped presents peeking out of someone’s carryon and of course my own excitement of seeing my family when the plane descends. Sadly this year, all this is going to make me depressed, because I will be travelling for business. I guess i’ll be rude grouchy people at the airport, who everyone will refer to as Scrooge.

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