Life, Love


J and I have been working on our apt. Yup, 8 months after we’ve moved in, we have decided to finally furnish the place. Maybe if we can commit to furniture, we can move forward in our relationship. At least thats what I tell myself. Working on apt, might as well translate to working on relationship, because why would we spend time, labor and money on something, that we can’t imagine will be worth it.

The only major piece of furniture we don’t have is a Futon. Hopefully we can get one this month, and then we can focus on smaller projects, like stuff for our walls.

Er is getting married, tomorrow. I say , I don’t care, but I actually do. Is this the ultimate confirmation that he was right and I was wrong? After all he was able to find “true love” before me, he found someone who would put up with his issues for the rest of his life. I have no doubt J is more interesting, cool, better looking that Er’s ¬†significant other, but in the long run, he got the better deal.

Here’s wishing them a happy married life.

Wonder if he is thinking about me tonight, wondering…..I am wondering….about him.

Correction, he is getting married, the 16th, not as previously stated.

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