Food and Drinks

Top 10 diet friendly but still yummy foods…..

as in , I actually crave them……….

Veggie Subs: Love the veggie delight from Subway. Have been trying to be good lately, by adding more mustard and less ranch. But I think its still pretty healthy and tasty. I put, spinach, carrots, pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, banana peppers, salt and pepper, dijon mustard, lite mayo and lite ranch.
Turkey Wraps: From Jason’s Deli, or the ones I make at home. I also like it with chicken and hot sauce
V8: Low sodium version, with lime, worcestshire and hot sauce. Also gives you a serving of veggies for every 8oz. Thats my kinda drink.
Baked Salmon: I make it with olive oil and red pepper , oregano and vinegar and lime. All healthy Omega-3 fats and yummy.
Egg McMuffin: I know this sounds odd, but I read somewhere that if you order the McMuffin, with ham, its not so bad for you, and you get fiber, proteing, low-carb in a portion friendly way. I still don’t think they recommend eating this everyday, but its still diet friendly.
Mangoes: Fruity goodness.
Coffee: Dieters dream beverage, it makes you feel full for hours and you can add a little flavored cream for a lot of flavor.
Southwestern Coleslaw: Its my version of coleslaw with olive oil and spices and lime. Very tasty and not goopy
Chicken Noodle Soup: So warm, comforting and nourishing, with only 70 calories a serving , so even if you have two servings for a big meal, its a good diet entree.
Pork Chowmein: Not sure if its healthy, but seems like it compared to other chinese foods. Stir fried cabbage, veggies and light spices. I think its healthier if one were to make it at home, but its hard to shred that much cabbage.

Special Mention: Water. Couldn’t do without it.

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