The VW Marketing Execs are geniuses. I love the “Independence Day” commercials for the new Jetta. I tried to post the vid clip, but it was in a flash player, and i’m simply not advanced enough to figure out how to cut and paste that. Anyway, the commercial has a young 20 something couple in their rented apt, and their neighbors annoyed at their loud music and then you see them play the same loud music, but its in their new starter music. I think they really found their niche audience, people who are my age, or in a similar life situation. I am too young to stop listening to death metal or broody alt rock, but old enough to start contemplating home ownership. This is a theme that spills into other areas of my life as well, how much to party? when to stop? Questions, though not existential, I grapple with everyday, as I come home with my 20something salary to an undergrad apt. I feel trapped between two worlds and I can slowly find myself drift into the world closer to my parents and cousins.

The commercial is bittersweet and just plain fun at the same time. i love the rock and roll attitude, but understand being overwhelmed with adulthood. I know VW is probably hoping to cash in on exactly these feelings, and I do resent them for exploiting me, but being in marketing myself, I do realize the genius. Irregardless, if I wasn’t a subaru fanatic, my next car would have definitely been a Jetta.

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