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Baby on the Brain

So  its official, J and I are a TTC couple. Its funny, I was so excited for my business trip this month and it turns out those are my fertile days. J says I’m too goal oriented, I just need to go with the ” it will happen when it happens ” flow but I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. J definitely is much more relaxed and easy going about this. I just want to get the show on the road and move on the the next stage. I’m really impatient and I usually prefer action to discussion and to me TTC is the discussion and I’ve had enough discussion, just give me the baby already. In fact, I think I’m willing to skip that pesky nine month pregnancy stage too.  Alas! It is not to be. 

Life rolls on pretty smoothly for the most part other than that.  J and I have told a few close friends and my parents that we are trying and almost everyone has been super receptive and excited for us. 

Random thought: I found this awesome website called Endless.com that sells shoes and they do free overnight delivery. Yippeee for internet shopping.

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