From the Hips

I had no idea that this spring was going to be such a busy, life changing spring for me. J and I have been talking pretty seriously for the last year or so about having a child but we had decided to hold off having kids until we left NC and then start having a family. However, this weekend, J and I asked ourselves some really hard questions and we realized that realistically we won’t be able to move away from Durham until December 2009 at the earliest. This then led us to discuss if it then made sense for us to have a baby before we move, especially if we weren’t leaving here until Dec then our start time for starting a family was going to be pushed back by 18 months, which to me would be a really long time to wait. So after much discussion, we made the decision that we are going to start trying now and move after we have a child.  I bought this book to get me thinking about being a mama and I’m loving reading about everything so far, even though I’m super scared. 

1 thought on “From the Hips”

  1. WOW!!! Naina, that is really really awesome news. If you like that book, I might need to pick it up myself. I found a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility interesting if you and Jeff have been trying for a few months with no success.


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