The Long Hot Summer

Unlike last year,  we have a return of a hot sweltering summer here in NC.  There is a heatwave in the region with high’s in the upper 90s and lower 100’s the rest of the week, not to mention the humidity. Yesterday was especially bad because our a/c stopped working and J , Layla and I were nearly dying from the heat, thank go for little fans. My hubby can be mightly resourceful sometimes.

Because we are completely obsessed with our dog we are planning on taking Layla camping this weekend. We will only go for one night, somewhere really close and let her dictate the trip. We’ve been feeling really bad lately because the last few times we went camping,we didn’t take her with us.  Yes, I know we are crazy.

So far the choices are Rollingview at Falls Lake, but Layla won’t be allowed on the beach there, so it defeats the purpose, or Eno River, where she can get in the water, but we go to Eno all the time. Either way, I still think it will be a good way to kick off camping season.

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