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A Movies Weekend

This was the weekend of movies. On sat I watched Sex and the City and on Sun, J and I watched Iron Man. What can I say, we love to support our local theaters.  Other than movies, J and I have perfected our Bloody Mary recipe, well actually mostly J worked on the recipe and I worked on drinking them. Also we bought some new RAM for the computer. On to the movies:

Ironman: Pretty good Super Hero flick! Never thought I’d like Robert Downey Jr. in anything, but he was actually pretty good! Also Gywneth Paltrows black dresses and heels look uber fab!

Sex and the City: It was everything I wanted it to be- a 2 hour episode of the movie. Some parts were good, some were brilliant, some were just boring, but overall, despite the tepid reviews, I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed the fashion eye candy- SJP out did her self and there were definitely looks that I want to steal- Argyle Knee socks and oversized graphic tees= awesome.  And of course the female bonding was at its best! I was more upset about Carrie and Miranda’s quibbles instead of Carrie and Big’s problems.

Really, As much as I love J , I wouldn’t know what to do without the women who keep me sane! Boys are good, but girls are better 🙂

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