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Flu Flu Flu

How I hate you!

I have been rather sick lately and its been absolutely no fun. I’ve missed two days of school, so I’m super behind in my classes and I just feel so out of it general. Even the blog isn’t motivating to  think or surf about anything remotely interesting. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and complain.

It’s also not helping that V-Day is around the corner and J and I still haven’t made concrete plans about what to do. I’m really not feeling it this year, which is too bad because this is our first married Valentine’s day. I think we’ll just go to dinner and call it good. We haven’t been to an Italian restaurant in years, so maybe that will be fun.

While I was sick, I did check out the new show on NBC called Lipstick Jungle. My friend JE reccomened it to me because we both loved Sex and the City. This series is also based on a book by Candance Bushnell and the pilot episode was really good. These women seem more fleshed out, mature, and slightly less girly versions of the women on Sex and the City.

Here is a clip:

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