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My Idea of a Low Cal Lunch

Like most people, February is still too early for New Year’s resolutions to fade away,so I’ve been slogging away at eating healthy and consuming less calories. I try to read other people’s inspirational weight loss stories in Fitness Magazine or Self, or Shape, you know, the ones who do Cardio for 45mins-60mins a day 5 days a week, plus hike 3 times a week, and do yoga or pilates 3 times a week and get motivated and it does zero, zilch to get me off my butt! You know why? I’m just lazy, I’d rather sit at my desk at work and update my blog than do those handy exercieses that Fitness Magazine suggests you do at your desk!

Eat this    +     = 345 cals

Eat all this    +    + 1/2   +   = 340 cals

However, I have been trying to watch what I eat and keep a food journal in my head and tally up what I eat! I especially read Glamour magazine’s little column called “Eat this or all of this ” where Glamour shows you a humungous plate of something unhealthy like a plate of fettuci0ne alfredo and then suggests that you can eat three healthy, delicious thing or the same or fewer calories, like steak, baked potato and a veggie. Anyway, this was my rather…um…false interpretation of this at lunch. The plan was to

Eat This:

One can of Slim Fast Chocolate shake – 175 Cals and One serving of Planters Trail Mix-170 Cals for a total of 345 Calories

or Eat all this….which I did happily

1 small bag lays potato chips – 150 calories

1/2 can slim fast- 85 calories

1 milky way mini- 40 calories

1 teaspoon mixed nuts (extra salty…mmm) 65 calories

for a grand total of …ding ding ding…340 Calories

So really, I did a lot better than the healthy option!!!

I’m sure this is the way to Weight loss…not! Oh well, its friday and I deserve chips!!!

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