Cleaning out my Closet

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My blog closet! Hey what do you know a non India themed blog post!!! Don’t get too used to this though.

 Anyway, I was looking at my bookmarks for blogs and the blogs I have on my Google reader and it was well over 35. I have decided, that I simply cannot keep track of that many so I ‘m cleaning out my blogroll, deleting some old links and adding some new ones. Also here are a few blogs I’m actively following! So here’s to sharing the blog love!

Rita’s Kitchen: She hasn’t updated in a long time so after this week, when I’m done gobbling down Dinner party ideas, I will be deleting this once fave blog.

Chachi’s Kitchen: A new find! Awesome recipes , mostly Indian, Thai , with muslim and east African’ influences. I love the fact that the recipes are photographed throughout the entire cooking process.

Hostess with the Mostess: If you like bright pretty pictures of cool STUFF!!! Some interesting tips and ideas too.

Mill Musings: I stumbled upon this blog quite randomly, as this doesn’t fall in my normal range of interests but I was really curious once I read her post about buying groceries for a family of 2 on  $20 a week. I am not very religious at all but I am fascinated with the frugal living that they do. They have awesome money saving ideas! Hard for me to follow at the moment, but very easy to aspire.

She’s A Betty: Lovely Vintage and Indie fashion goodness

The Sugar Sites: I am absolutely addicted to FabSugar, YumSugar, PopSugar and the rest.

Happy Browsing. I hope I get some good links in return!

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