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…..PARTY. Thats right! Sat night, J and I hosted a party at our apt. and we called it our Depressing music party. Everyone had to  bring 2-3 of their most depressing, angs inducing songs to share and they would be judged by everyone. It was a really fun time, ironic , I know for a depressing music party. It was depressing music made less depressing b/c we were among friends. And most importantly, I felt it gave us all a better insight into each others personalities. We also had yummy Seviche Tostadas (courtesy of Y.) and lots of booze. Of course we all go ridiculously drunk and nobody left till 4 in the morning.

 J and I  also made prizes for the winners, which was tic tacs in pill bottles to resemble sleeping pills and we tied it up t o mini bottles of whisky. I’ll post a pic as soon as I upload it, it looked very cute and morbid at the same time. I also got to keep one, because I won second place in the competition, i guess all my years of angst was building up to this moment. Ha!

My two entries were:

Elliot Smith- Fond Farewell

Beck- Lost Cause

I was so busy having a good time and being a host that i forgot to take pics, but I think my friend SVS did take some, so as soon as he makes them available, I will post them. Overall, it was a fantastic night and even J who gets very nervous about hosting events had to admit that things went off w/out a glitch.

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