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Riding in the Shopping Cart

We had another milestone this week. Now this one isn’t in the baby books and I’m pretty sure my pediatrician doesn’t care about it a whit, but it was a big moment for me and most importantly for the bun! He sat in the shopping cart at target all by himself. I had to strap him in and I think I’m going to cave and buy one of those shopping cart pads but it was so bizarre to be pushing this baby around who was sitting dangling his legs through the little plastic cutouts.
Its so strange to stare at this baby who is now sitting, babbling and acting like…you know… a real baby and say- “Wow he is mine!” Some days, some moments, I feel like I’m watching someone else’s life. Its like an out of body experience….a great one!

Ride on Bun! Pretty soon, its going to be trikes, and bikes and cars!

3 thoughts on “Riding in the Shopping Cart”

  1. Totally agree with you. I look at my husband all the time and say, “Isn’t it weird to see this little person sitting on the living room floor” Still blows my mind sometimes!

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