Top 10 Fashion Icons

This is one of the hardest lists for me, because there are too many categories and sub categories and simply too many women with wonderful style that I could never measure up to. But here are my top 12 most stylish women of all time. Most fave on top…….

1)Sophia Loren: I saw a Hollywood movie of hers, when I was pretty young, Ten or so and she just captured my imagination. I think back then it was the accent and after I had access to the internet, I would ready anything I could on her. She seems like the ultimate hollywood glamour diva. Her style seemed earthy, sexy, curvy, and it seemed like my body shape might be similar to her instead of the other movie stars. She was never “in your face sexy” but you jus had to look at her. Also it seemed like she made imperfections sexy.

2)Bridgette Bardot: I have never seen her movies. I fell in love with her, when I saw her pic in a cosmo article about makeup. She was so sexy and she looked so messy and it looked like all she did was lie in bed and thought and did wicked things and I knew I had to steal that look.

3)Aparna Sen: I knew she was my Aunt Jayashree’s best friend and a famous movie star/ director but i didnt’ see any of her movies till I was 14 or 15 . Once I started watching her movies she was doing middle aged roles, and she was still stunning. Her look was intellectual, glamourous, dignified all at the same time. Also the fact that she is brilliant played a huge role in my admiration. She was pretty interesting when she was younger as well.

4)Jayashree Dasgupta : I don’ t have her pic to post, but she is my aunt and a famous Bengali singer. She is in the same category of glamour as Aparna sen, but I was exposed to her at a much younger age. She always seemed so mysterious to me and she looked so different from the rest of our family, dark and tall and her sarees were amazing. Also the fact that she chewed paan and had a husky voice added to the mystery. She was the first one in my family to give me her old jewelry and I would feel so grown up.

5) Sushmita Sen : Out of all the modern day bollywood film stars, she is my style icon. Her chiffon sarees are amazing and she has the diva attitude down. She was the first Indian Miss Universe and when she started doing movies she had horrible style but all that has changed now. She looks hot in any kind of outfits, coutoure, jeans, sarees, whatever.

6) Sarah Jessica Parker : I know she is probably a huge fashion influence on many people and its a cliched choice, but SJP and her outfits in SATC really opened my eyes to how you could play with your clothes and make up and really express personality. She took dressing up/down to an art form.

7) Salma Hayek: I fell for her surprisingly when I saw Fools Rush In. It was one of those forgettable romantic comedies but its cross cultural love story struck a chord with me, and how hot Salma Hayek looked in the movie. After that I always looked at the Us weekly and people to see her outfits and once again they were very old school hollywood glamour. Also the fact that she is tiny and managed to look regal in those awesome gowns gave me hope.

8)Millie Barat : she is my aunt from my mom’s side and as far as I can remember she is always dressed up. She dresses very much like a traditional Indian woman and prefers designer sarees and long chandelier earrings and fresh flowers. She also is the center of attention at any party or gathering

9) Madonna : She is probably an universal style icon. I loved all her looks pre Music. The leather, the corset and the lace and tulle all mixed in with her heavy make up and red lips were so alluring. Even though she was a pop star , her fasion was always rock!

10)Sharmila Tagore/Renee Zellwegger : I had them both tie, cuz even though I am not directly influenced by their styles, I have always admired Renee’s dresses and Sharmila’s old hairdos and the exaggerated Kohl line, something I have ripped off heavily.

Honorable Mention: Catherine Zeta Jones
Anyone who can be 9 mos pregnant and look hot, is a style icon in my book.Her look in Chicago was bad ass and even in boring commercial her long dark hair and perfect makeup and little suits totally scream Movie Star.

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