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How Gyo Fujikawa saved me from the terrible two blues

Last night I spend hours editing a big ole batch of photos. I was super excited to post them on my blog this afternoon and do an update on my happy life. But I just can’t do it this afternoon, because I feel anything but happy and putting up photos of me smiling at my kid just feels dishonest.

Toddlers can be demanding, cruel and rather unpleasant creatures and also the sweetest, funniest and loving ones in the very next instant. Why didn’t someone tell me this before I decided having a kid was a good idea. I guess I should have continued reading past the newborn section in the 8 million parenting books that I browsed back in the baby fever days.

But now that the Bun is finally napping I need something to take my mind off of my troubles so I’m going to write about my new find in children’s author/illustrator that I recently discovered. And so when Barnes and Noble sent me a coupon this month I decided to splurge on a new book for Bun. I was originally looking for “O What a Busy Day” but my local store didn’t have that one so I chose to get the A to Z picture book instead

*photo via Sycamore Street Press*

*photo via Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid loves*

And I’m absolutely  in love with her simple bright colorful illustrations. They have a vintage, timeless feel to them without crossing over into the cheesy territory. Even the black and white illustrations have so much character and pop. I looked her up on wikipedia and she was one of the first illustrators in the US who published books with multi racial characters, which is something really rare in vintage books. I’m so happy with our new find, I can’t wait to explore more of her books.

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An Impromptu Picnic

Summer is winding down in NC and it feels like its going to be an early fall. This week has just flown by- doing nothing in particular but also things that take up a lot of time- grocery shopping, doctors appointments, ikea trips (2hr drive for us). But what I’m going to remember from this week is our impromptu picnic with some of Bun’s stuffed furry friends.

We took our lunch of pb & jelly sandwiches, cheese crackers and grapes and yogurt and sat outside, in the grassy area outside our front porch.

I think Monkey and Haathi wanted some of his yummy sandwich. It was rather rude of us to not give them any after inviting them to our picnic

 And then Bun  gave Haathi a big hug

But kept the sandwich for himself

Photos are kinda meh, but Bun and I still had a lot of fun. Also looking at the photo

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True Love

Seven AM. I hear babbling from the Bun’s room. J, is already up and checking his email downstairs. Still groggy, rubbing my eyes, I wander in to let the little boy out of his crib. He gives me a big grin, he is still lying down and not standing up as usual, ready to burst out of the crib. I sit down on the floor next to the crib and start talking to him about our day. He sits up, reaches through the bars, strokes my hair and says – “Mumma Peety (Pretty)”

Jaw on the floor. Heart melted and in a puddle on the floor.

Hello Charmer!


Philly {3}


Here we are sitting outside the steps of the Please Touch museum. We loved this kids museum. We have a litte one in Chapel Hill but this was 2 storeys and filled with absolutely super fun exhibits. Both Bun and I are very tired at the end of our play. I also love that the museum is housed in such a cool old building. Its a remnant of Centennial celebrations that were held in Philadelphia.

Here is the ultimate tourist photo for Philadelphia- Baby under the Liberty Bell.

Playing in front of Independence Plaza. We toured the building but that was an utter and epic FAIL. We had the meltdown of the century.

We rode the Ferry over to Camden New Jersey to visit the Aquarium and Bun finally got to see some real life Penguins or Pangangs in Bun speak

My seasoned ferry passenger.

These pictures are from the days we spent in Philadelphia visiting Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and the Aquarium. We also were able to do some shopping at H&M and eat some yummy chicken wings.

More Philly photos can be found at Part 1 and Part 2

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Philly {2}


Eating breakfast outdoors on the terrace of our hotel. Don’t be fooled by the food on his plate though- Bun only ate the piece of waffle he is holding in his hand

Philly Skyline. Our hotel is the hexagon shaped building with the balconies in the foreground

Pretty details on the old Philadelphia Railroad building.

We had some delicious Roti Telur ( Puffy fried bread with chicken curry) at a Malaysian restaurant in China town

More yummy malaysian dishes. I want some malaysian right now….yummmm

We spent an afternoon at the park around Swann Fountain. The setting sun was beautiful and spray of the fountain felt heavenly

I’m not really sure what Bun is doing in this photo but he looks cute so I’m keeping it

Busssss! Bussss!!! Busss!!! (Think “Squirrel” from Up)

Classic Fountain Photo- Check!

Most of these photos are from our Day 2 in Philly, where we also explored downtown, Chinatown and visited the Philly zoo.

More photos at Part 1 and Part 3


Philly {1}

Did I mention I went to Philadelphia recently? It was a birthday present from my parents and I had a wonderful time. It was a little sad because J wasn’t able to go with us since he had a conference in Maine but it was still wonderful to get away and explore a new city.

I was a little nervous about this trip because although Bun does well on airplanes, he had a rough time in our hotel in Columbus. However we had a suite this time so that helped a lot. I didn’t really bother with the pack and play and just did Bun’s bedtime routine and let him fall asleep on the bed on his own. He did such a good job falling asleep in a regular bed that I almost am considering a transition to a big boy bed at home. But thats for another day.

But here some of my fave photos from Day 1 at Philly

With Dee at the iconic “LOVE” statue in Love Park



City Hall visible slightly in the background. We were in Love Park, right after a summer shower. The city looked absolutely gorgeous with droplets of water everywhere

Bun was mesmerized by the cars, buses, trucks, bikes.  The transportation junkie had found his fix.

Wind whipping through our hair. Although his face doesn’t show it in this photo, driving around in the big red bus with an open top was one of his favorite things.

Just love the colors of turquoise against the red brick. Society Hill Neighborhood

Walking along the city streets to dinner. With Babu. He is staring intently at a very erotic sculpture off to the side of the building, just outside of view.

View from our hotel room on the 23rd floor. We stayed at the City Center Embassy Suites which really worked out well for us. They were doing some construction and the scaffolding ropes are in the way. The fountain is Swann Memorial fountain depicting the three major waterways of Philadelphia. In the end distance is the very Neo classical looking Philadelphia Museum of Art and also in view is the Philadelphia Free Library.

Bun looking down at the world from Floor 23. He was scared and thrilled all at the same time. The balcony was one of his favorite places to play during the times we were actually in our rooms

More photos can be found at Part 2 and Part 3

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While in Columbus, I found out that our hotel was very near to the Columbus zoo and decided to check it out. It was a really hot day and we had very little time so we only decided to hit up a few exhibits, but turns out even that was too ambitious. It was very very crowded and it was almost impossible to get close to the exhibits.

However, the Gorilla exhibit was fairly deserted when we got there and I was able to let Bun out of his stroller and run around. It was one of our favorite parts of the zoo trips. The other favorite was a little animal show they had where they had rescued dogs, cats and some animals do fun tricks.

Bun recognized the gorillas as monkeys and made his monkey noises but he kept pointing at them and saying “baby baby.” I don’t know if he feels some sort of kinship with them but watching a mama gorilla cuddling a baby, I definitely felt a connection. I’m not saying, I recognized her as my long lost ancestor or anything like that but I could relate to the maternal feeling even in an animal. The way she groomed her baby by nibble on his face was almost identical to how I almost can’t help myself and nibble and nuzzle on Bun’s cheeks, nose, ears any chance that I can. It really reinforced my belief that a mother’s love is probably one of the most primal feelings we have, perhaps even more so than the preservation of the self.

Okay, so I guess this post got kinda sentimental- not where I had originally intended it to go.

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The Wedding Guest

This wedding guest aged 19 months arrived at the wedding right after naptime and a sippy cup full of milk. He would not let go of the sippy cup, so his poor mama could take some pictures of his cute outfit.

He tried to sing Happy Birthday during the processional. (Bun thinks all parties are birthdays).

He missed the entire ceremony because his mama had to take him out to the lobby so other people could hear the bride and groom and not his singing.

He ran around the entire reception so his mama did not have a chance to really have meaningful conversation with the bride, the groom, her cousins or any other guest.

He ate his Chobani yogurt and refused to touch the kids meal (which I’m sure was not cheap). This was even more mortifying because we were sitting at the host’s table.

He clapped at inappropriate times during the toasts and kept asking about the flower girl (the cutest 2 yr old ever and Bun’s first crush)

He pooped the biggest poop of his life right when the dancing started and his mama wanted to shake her booty, but instead had to change a gross diaper that left her smelling like poo. {And not even your blood relatives will come near you on the dance floor after that}

But he looked so damn adorable and cute and goofy that his mama was super happy that he was her date after all.

*** I wasn’t able to get very many good pictures of him at all since he just wouldn’t hold still and I couldn’t manage my indian outfit and chase after him very well. I’m going to see if my mom got some good ones (maybe even one of me) and post them.****

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16 months

Everyday I ask myself where did the time go? Bun turned 16 months old in April.  April 09 he was just a little pink line on a stick. We hadn’t even officially named him husib yet. I hadn’t even imagined this little boy in my life.  This much happiness is incomprehensible even as I experience it.

Bun has grown so much in the past few weeks. He is constantly adding new words to his vocabulary. This month my favorite additions are Uggs (Eggs) and House. He also really understands his relationship with people. My parents were in Philadelphia this week and Bun would say “Deee” and “Babu” everytime the phone rang or he thought someone was at the door.

He really is turning into my little helper these days. He understands when I ask him to bring me something and will often go looking for a specific toy. He is no longer just happy playing with whatever I hand him. He is definitely his own man.

The most obvious personality trait that I have noticed in Bun is that he is a very cautious toddler. He is not fond of climbing up and down stairs and he is still not sold on the idea that slides at the park are fun.  A friend of mine told me that this will all change as he grows bigger and stronger so we’ll see if he gets more fond of heights in a month or two.

Bun is also thriving in every other way. He is a great sleeper these days and nap times are great 90% of the time. He is still a fussy eater, but he will now occasionally eat fish in stick form and chicken in nugget form. The boy is a vegetarian at heart, a vegetarian who doesn’t like veggies. Just like when I was a vegetarian.

Best part of 16 months: The unsolicited hugs and loveys ( a lovey is when he blows a kiss).

Worst part of 16 months: I think we are entering the dreaded “terrible twos” I have encountered my first big parking lot tantrum.

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While Bun was napping this afternoon, I walked into our kitchen and found this.

Apparently he had picked out ingredients from the pantry and filled his wagon with it. I like that it looks like it could be ingredients for a middle eastern dish- chickpeas, tomatoes, cumin, oregano and chicken broth. And also the ball, an essential component of any great dish.

Your quickfire challenge is to make something with these ingredients in 6.35 minutes. Top Chef Masters Season 23 here comes Bun.

Toddlers are funny. Yeah.