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16 months

Everyday I ask myself where did the time go? Bun turned 16 months old in April.  April 09 he was just a little pink line on a stick. We hadn’t even officially named him husib yet. I hadn’t even imagined this little boy in my life.  This much happiness is incomprehensible even as I experience it.

Bun has grown so much in the past few weeks. He is constantly adding new words to his vocabulary. This month my favorite additions are Uggs (Eggs) and House. He also really understands his relationship with people. My parents were in Philadelphia this week and Bun would say “Deee” and “Babu” everytime the phone rang or he thought someone was at the door.

He really is turning into my little helper these days. He understands when I ask him to bring me something and will often go looking for a specific toy. He is no longer just happy playing with whatever I hand him. He is definitely his own man.

The most obvious personality trait that I have noticed in Bun is that he is a very cautious toddler. He is not fond of climbing up and down stairs and he is still not sold on the idea that slides at the park are fun.  A friend of mine told me that this will all change as he grows bigger and stronger so we’ll see if he gets more fond of heights in a month or two.

Bun is also thriving in every other way. He is a great sleeper these days and nap times are great 90% of the time. He is still a fussy eater, but he will now occasionally eat fish in stick form and chicken in nugget form. The boy is a vegetarian at heart, a vegetarian who doesn’t like veggies. Just like when I was a vegetarian.

Best part of 16 months: The unsolicited hugs and loveys ( a lovey is when he blows a kiss).

Worst part of 16 months: I think we are entering the dreaded “terrible twos” I have encountered my first big parking lot tantrum.

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{Friday Flashback} Mothers Day Past

Last spring was not a good time for my family. Its not something that I want to talk about on my blog but I was depressed enough that I didn’t really blog about a lot of big events last year.  Anyway, I have been thinking about Mothers Day a lot this year and I thought that I had better post the only picture i have from Mother’s Day last year that has both Avi and I in it. And in spite of everything that was going on at that time, I did end up having a fabulous mother’s day with my little family.

Avi and I last year on Mother’s Day 2010 at Alivia’s in Downtown Durham. We went there for an early dinner with my parents. Bun is 4.5 months old in this pic and still had the very worried expression he has now.

This is when Bun was still Husib and lived in my belly, so I guess he is technically still in the picture. This was J and my 1/2 mother’s day celebration. We went to play mini golf and  arcade games.  I was 7 weeks pregnant and I was giddy, scared and so happy. My 7 week pregnancy blog post is here

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Easter! Easter !

I am an Easter Newbie. I didn’t grow up celebrating easter because unlike Christmas it somehow didn’t spill out into the global secular diaspora. Although I do remember getting Good Friday and Easter Monday being a holiday at school but it was mostly a spring break of sorts.

So egg dyeing, easter bunnies and baskets were very foreign to me.  But this year, it was all different.

We dyed some eggs. Bun didn’t really care for it too much but J and I had a lot of fun

Our favorite easter activity was to go to a Easter Egg Hunt at the Horace Wallace House in Chapel Hill. The house is the office of the Chapel Hill Historic Preservation society and is situated in one of the prettiest corners of the triangle.  Unfortunately, the day was rainy and cloudy and muddy, but we still had a lot of fun at the hunt

OMG!!! Ugggggs as Bun would say.

He doesn’t say OMG but he does say Ugggs for Eggs

He was very serious about recycling the eggs, he didn’t really want to put them in his basket

Trying to open Ugggs

You can see some of the details of the Wallace House

Where’s Bun?

I let him taste un watered down super sweet lemonade.

After most of the legitimate participants had finished the Egg on a spoon race, they opened it up for all the babies and latecomers. So Bun decided to participate

That meant , I had to hold his arm up and walk alongside him

He did go around the full course though and only dropped the egg 4 times.

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Some afternoons are just magical.  Simply because its spring. Because there is sunshine. Because I’m outside with my little family.  Because my boys are looking so handsome. And because they are smiling at the camera at the same time. Because a little boy is playing with a ball with his daddy. Because sometimes you don’t need a reason to be happy.

Because This picture of Bun and J looking at each other makes my heart feel all squishy

Because This picture of him looking at me makes my heart feel double squishy.

Because its impossible to not be happy while playing with a bouncy blue ball

Because these guys make it so easy to be happy

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Lunch Mar 31

Its been dreary here lately, with cloudy skies and dull gray weather. Bun and I haven’t been going out much and days just seem to blend together into one big lump and I sometimes can’t keep track of what day of the week it is. So thats why I’m doing such a random post, maybe when I look back over this blog sometime in the future, I’ll remember mine and Bun’s lunch from Mar 31 2011.

Today is also dark and gray and we have to have our indoor lights on to cheer this place up a bit. Its also harder to entertain Bun when we don’t get out of the house until late afternoon when its a little warmer. I decided to make my favorite lunch for us today- Eggs and toast- scrambled for Bun and crispy sunny side up for me. Bun eats the same breakfast everyday -oatmeal and banana and I don’t eat breakfast all , I just chug down cups and cups of coffee. But I absolutely love breakfast foods, especially eggs. I’m crazy about eggs just like every single person in my family. We are all as Antony Bourdain would say “egg sluts” and proud of it. Bun used to be very fond of eggs when we first started doing table foods but like every other food he doesn’t seem to care for it too much. I’m hoping this will change soon.

I needed these big bursts up yellow today to brighten up the grays.  Yum Yum Yum Lunch

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15 months

*Outside time is still Bun’s favorite. *

So this post is two weeks too late, but here goes. Bun’s 15 months has been really really fun and also really really challenging.  But geez, how this boy is growing, he is now a full fledged toddler, wanting to walk everywhere, climbing stairs (eek) and exploring the world. At his 15th month check up he weighed 21lbs ( 15th %) and was 27 inches in length (33rd %) and had a head size percentile of 58% so he is still on the smaller side and is a very very skinny boy with a giant head. His pediatrician says that he is growing well and thats just his body type.


Bun is also getting pickier and pickier by the day about what he will eat. The foods he eats are yogurt, fruits, bread and cookies.  I still try valiantly to offer him veggies and pasta and chicken but its pretty much useless. He just shakes his head and says “na na na”

*He has been doing a lot of Baby yoga lately*

The best part about 15 months is Bun’s desire to communicate with words. The favorite word this month is “Done” He uses this word like a pro and uses it to let me know when he is just not interested in doing what I want him to do. His other new words are “Pish” for fish and ‘Kawpee” for coffee, and “Appeeel” for Apple.  He also loves to make animal sounds and truck sounds and his repertoire includes Fire truck, Dump Truck, Truck, Cow, Dog (although his dog sounds don’t sound like any one else’s), Snake, Wolf, Lizard (not really a sound, but he sticks his tongue out), Duck and Birdie. He is currently working on learning hoot hoot for owl.

* I had to crop this photo down a lot but I just love his expression as he is stomping around.*

Bun also has been playing two new games with us lately, Ring a Round the Roses and Row Row Row your boat and will occasionally try to do the actions to Itsy Bitsy Spider but he doesn’t have the attention span and just starts clapping after the second line. He is also sleeping really well these day, well maybe not so well for naps but bedtime is such a joy these days. He sleeps from 7:30 pm to 7:15 ish and he loves to cuddle with Scout in his crib before bedtime and he will now actually play quietly in his crib for a few minutes when he first wakes up rather than cry.

*This smile melts my heart*

The downsides of 15 months is the crankiness and whininess and when he wants my attention or a cookie or a book he wants it immediately. The kid has no patience ( I hear this is all toddlers though, so fingers crossed).

*This is the “I’m going to do something naughty” look. I need to get a better picture of this look.*

And thats a 15 month wrap up or as Bun would say -Done

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Its Finally Springtime!

It feels so wonderful now that the weather outside has finally warmed up a bit! Its been a crazy busy week with work and also loads of fun. One of my clients had a house go under contract and we also had a bunch of family activities that kept us busy and of course this blog fell off the priority list.

Anyway, speaking of the priority list, I have added this yellow potted primrose to my list of things to do. I have never been any good around plants and have never had potted plants around, but this spring, its all going to change. I will keep some plants alive, I’m even going to have them thrive.  J is seriously doubtful about this venture and has bet me $50 that this poor little primrose is going to be dead in under two weeks. But I have my secret weapon- Bun who is ready to point to it and remind me that it needs some watering!

Here are some pics of my boy enjoying the spring sunshine in his new toddler sandals.


Crushed by Allergies and a Hangover

I have three blog posts almost ready to go that I’m so excited to post but stupid pollen allergies and a raging headache just makes me want to lie on my couch and enjoy the favorite time of my day- Naptime. Maybe tonight I’ll finally feel better. But I’m going to keep up my resolution of at least three posts by Friday.

Oh did I mention the Mardi Gras party last night was fun!!! So this is totally worth it.



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{March 2} Quick Peek

One of the downsides of being a WAHM to a toddler is that I don’t have as much time on the internet as I used to. I now no longer have time to keep up with a lot of the cool hipster, fabulous girls about town blogs that I used to read in the pre baby days and even if I do get around to reading them, I find myself not being able to relate to that life anymore. Money is tighter, the body has loose bits hanging out,  A night out on town means I ‘m home by 11 at the latest, my idea of cool hip music is now the latest Wiggles CD that I checked out at the library, the last movie I saw in the theater was Avatar. Yeah, I know, I need to get out more.

Anyway, all this whining was just the intro for a new attempt I’m making at documenting Bun and my life. I stole this idea from one of my fave pre baby blogs – No Good For Me. The women who blog there have awesome taste and are super super cool, so you should check them out if you ever have a chance. Anyway here is my quick peek for March




I’m hooked on Veronica Mars on Netflix.  If you ever liked Nancy Drew as a little girl then this is right up your alley. Only I think I like Veronica a little more ( Sorry Nancy, you seem too much like the popular girl not cool outsider, but you’ll always be my first girl crush).


Yo Gabba Gabba still reigns supreme in our household, especially the animal episode. Also this cute Hindi nursery rhyme that Bun watches with my mum. The lyrics are in Hindi and the animation is meh but the tune is really catchy and everyone can sing the chorus. I hum it in the shower all the time. Meow Meow Meow Meow


Me:  Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is a Nigerian writer and she captures complex family dynamics in a post colonial Nigeria beautifully. Also I love reading stories set in Africa because it reminds me of my time there and reminds me that I simply have to go back someday. Its such a vast continent and I want to see and explore more of it.


His favorite animal lately has been Elephants so we got Ollie from the library and we have been reading it several times a day.


Me: I have a major ipad addiction currently

Bun: Our Red Couch and the pillows and blankets that he drags o top of it


Me: I really really want to upgrade our printer. I have been doing a lot of research on which one I want and I think its probably going to be one of the Cannon Pixmas. I hate spending money on printers because they end up being so disposable anyway.

Bun: “Out”. I can’t seem to give this kid enough outside time. He asks for “out” all the time.


Me:Old Navy Jeans, Yellow Tee with Giant Sunflower from Target and Black Hoodie

Bun: Gap 1969 Jeans and a Navy Blue Carters Twofer with a football goal post on it and super comfy fleece lined slip ons that I found at target for $1.98. I kinda want his slip ons.

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Parks and Recreation

Is one of my favorite comedy Sitcoms on TV right now.

And also the only title I could come up with for this entry. I ‘m terrible at titles. We have had fabulous weather in these parts (Up until today of course, its now cold and cloudy as I write this) and we had the added bonus of J not having to put in any work hours this weekend. Family time ensued. We grilled, went to the park twice, checked out Kidzu on Franklin Street. It was mellow, relaxing and lovely.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday afternoon with a play date at one of my favorite parks in Durham. Morreene Road park is a small park and most of the park is taken up by the large sprawling play structure and there are foam mats underneath. There are also large ramps that are wide and low to the ground- perfect for toddlers to run on. Also there is one big slide and 3 or 4 small ones, again perfect for toddlers. The swing set too is very baby friendly. As an added bonus, there is a tennis court right next door and Bun just loves to run over and watch the balls flying the air. The fence is pretty high so I don’t really worry about the balls hitting him.


This is pretty much what we played with the entire time on Friday afternoon. The boy loves wheels.

He was finally persuaded to swing a little bit right before we left the park.








Friday for dinner we had awesome grilled chicken kebabs in a greek marinade thanks to my very talented grill master – J and his trusty assistant. Bun even agreed to eat two whole chunks. I’m amazed every time he eats chicken.

Saturday was a little bit colder but we decided to head back out to Morreene Road park again because J wanted to check it out for himself. This time there were lots of kids running around and Bun just wanted to watch them. When he finally felt like he was ready to play, he went on the big slide with Dada

He also went down the slide on his own for the first time- We taught him to lie down on his back and slide down and of course we were right there to catch him. And of course we had him go down the littlest one.

Hair Static!

Bun wasn’t really as impressed with this concave window thingie as I thought he would be.

And finally, it was time to head home and J was very upset about having to leave the playground.

Finally, On Sunday we went to check out Kidzu the children’s museum in Chapel Hill but I committed a double sin and left my camera and phone at home so we have no pictures. I’ll just have to take Bun back there again and do a blog post then.