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{Capture the Everyday} What’s on your Nightstand

I absolutely love this week’s challenge from Adventuroo. I like having assignments and deadlines and turning in assignments makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Wow, my nightstand is cluttered. Anyway here’s the list of stuff on there right now.

Lamp- Thrift store find that I always wanted to spray paint silver but have yet to get around to doing it

Stack ofBooks- Some nights I read more than others but I try

My Laptop- Its old but its still going strong

Bun’s Books- They are an absolute must for the mornings we are awake early enough to sneak in some snuggle time or for weekend mornings when we are trying to sleep in.

Water Bottle- A huge upgrade since Christmas of last year. J got it because I was so thirsty while I nursed the Bun

VS Pink Body Lotion- I usually buy Drenched in Pink Sweet and Flirty but I was being adventurous last time I was in the store

Inhaler- Ugghhh, my childhood Asthma seems to be making a comeback so I’ve needed to keep this handy lately.