VistaPrint- Vendor Review

Vendor – VistaPrint


Grade A-

I used Vista Print to print out my invitation enclosure cards and address labels. Even though I had heard mixed reviews about them on the wedding planning boards, I ended up having a pretty good experience with them. Their shipping was cheap and fast and I didn’t feel like I was paying through my  nose just to get my stuff here on time. The other thing I really liked is that if you use their basic options the actual product price is really cheap! I paid $40 including shipping for 100 RSVP cards, 250 reception cards and #140 response labels.

The negatives for VistaPrint are that the quality of the paper is really not that great and if you are the type of person who likes hard copy proofs and need an exact match on the color they might not be the person for you. Also they innundate your mailbox with spam, which is not bad because that is how I was able to get the cheapest prices on my orders.

Overall, I was really happy with them and will definitely use them to print Christmas cards or other announcements.

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Sir Speedy – Vendor Review

Vendor Name-  Sir Speedy

Location- Durham NC

 Grade- A+

Yes, I know they have a funny name but they really came through for me! I used their Durham location to get my wedding invitations printed and they did a fantastic job! They do the printing for our brochures and stuff at work and I had built up a good rapport with our sales rep -Amanda. She gave me a really good deal, cheaper than anywhere else- $60 for a 100 and only $9.00 for 5x7Euro flap envelopes. Not only was the price great, their graphic designer also made some changes for me at the last minute and they were able to get me the 5×7 envelopes in 2 days without charging me shipping. I had looked on and they were $12.99 plus $30 for 2 day shipping.  Because of them, I was able to get custom envelopes at a price I could afford.

I definitely push Sir Speedy whenever we have work projects to print and I will definitely use them to print my thank you cards.

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I have now officially hired a photographer. Although I’m not sure if hired is the right word to use when someone is doing it for free! But, I’m giddy and happy anyway because the contract is in the mail! My photographer maintains a blog that shows off some of her wonderful pictures. For an up and coming photographer I think she is really talented and likes color!  I am really excited that she is doing this for us.

She also offered free bridals in her wedding package and although I was hesitant, I decided to go ahead and do them on Oct 3 anway. My reasoning behind this was that I will only wear my wedding dress once so why not have as many pics of it as possible. Plus she is agreeable to do something cool by graffiti walls and also of some around modern architecture. However, I think I’m going to let her call the shots on this one, because after all she is doing this for free and she should get stuff she wants for her portfolio too.