It’s a Boy!!!!

Holy Shit!!! I can’t believe it, I’m going to be the most clueless mom ever!!! I know nothing about boys, NOTHING. I was so so sure it was going to be a girl, I nearly fell off the reclining bed, when the sonographer went
“and all boys have a pair of these”. And then he looked at J and went “From little acorns grow mighty oaks”. Such a weird guy. But I’m having a healthy, wiggly, boy!

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Sweet Belly

Well, I’ve been meaning to get some belly pics up for a while, so here they are finally! Wheee! yes, they aren’t the most quality pics and I sort of was in a hurry last night to get to sleep, but it gets the job done.


Fab side view!


The dreaded shirtless belly pic! No hiding anything here


And this is what it looks like from the front

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Weekly Survey

I saw these little weekly trackers on some other pregnancy blog and decided to steal the idea!


How far along? 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: minus 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes? No. Haven’t bought any yet, might go shopping with my cousin this weekend.
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep: Some nights are good, some are terrible. Last night was a good night. VERY weird dreams though.
Best moment this week: Sleeping in on the weekend. (I wish every day was a Sunday.)
Movement: Way to early
Food cravings: Wendys Spicy Chicken Sandwich 
Gender: I haven’t even thought about it.
Labor Signs: Too early
Pregnancy Symptoms: Sore and growing boobs, sore ab muscles, and dear god the NASUEA.  
Belly Button in or out? Innie.
What I miss: The ability to actually eat food
What I am looking forward to: That first appointment! (3 more weeks…)
Weekly Wisdom: Sprite Zero can be your best friend
Milestones: Getting my first U/S scheduled


Big Fat Positive

img_3747I can’t believe it! I got a positive! I peed on three different types of tests just to make sure. But holy cow! its positive. J and I are a little shocked and of course ecstatic. But we were really not expecting it to happen quite this soon. I hope nothing goes wrong because its still early days yet! I’m barely 4 weeks along. So hopefully, its a christmas baby for J and me.

Requisite pee stick picture included!


The Two Week Wait

So I guess I have 10 more days until its time for AF to show up.  I am so nervous and excited. I keep trying to tell myself that its ridiculous that it will happen this month because

1) It never happens right when you want it

2) I was gone for most of the ovulation.

But hey a girl can hope right! I just read blogs of other women who have had to do this wait for several cycles and it seems like it takes a lot out of you. I hope I don’t end up an emotional wreck before the pregnancy hormones even get to work. I think I’ve literally gone crazy where every hiccup, every burp, every tingle in my boobs makes me go….”maybe I’m preggers”

One day down 9 more to go


Cook with Jamie


I’ve decided to start a new project with a new Cookbook that I got. I really like Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) and his approach to food and I got his latest cookbook recently and I’ve decided to start doing one recipe from the book every week, most likely sundays. I don’t know if I’ll just get bored and busy and drop it very quickly but I’m really going to try. 

I think on sunday we are going to attempt the Gnocchi from his book from scratch. 



December Thoughts

Since I just got back on the wagon, there will be a few posts with no photos…as in I have a memory card full of images that have yet to uploaded. Also, I bought a brand new camera this week and I still need to test it out. But more on that later.

I can’t believe its two weeks in to december already, this year has zoomed by really fast, so whats going on with me?

1) Major Diet – trying to look fab for J and My anniversary trip to the Bahamas

2) Christmas shopping and panicking- J and I have been doing our holiday shopping and so far we are terribly behind. Our goal is to have everything done and shipped by sunday.

3) Its J’s birthday tomorrow so we have a fun day of eating out and hedonism planned.


Only the Good

The weather gods have taken mercy and there was finally some sunshine this afternoon and actually this morning wasn’t bad either, it was cloudy but beautiful! Walking between my gym class and bio test this afternoon, it hit me again, that I really do love spring, in spite of all the complaining I do.

Why do I love spring?

The cherry blossoms everywhere, and when there is a breeze the blossoms blow off sometimes and land in my hair and it makes me feel like I’m in some dreamy romantic scene in a movie, or a Bollywood dream sequence.

Super saturated green green green grass

Bright colored clothes

Short rainy afternoons when I don’t have anything else to do. This is only fun on weekends, on a monday when I have lots to do, it drives me crazy

The return of Iced Coffee in my diet

The contrasts of wearing flip flops one day and rain boots the next

Knowing the nights are going to get warmer

Dozens and Dozens of Robins on the grass, waiting for the worms to come out after a rain shower

Bright, pretty umbrellas

Skirts Skirts Skirts