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The Travel System Shortlist

I’m bored and the coffee isn’t doing its job so why not post all the things I’ve been wanting? Why not I ask you?

Safety 1st Acella sport

Chicco  Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System

Graco Metrolite Travel System

Evenflo Aura Travel system.

The first and the last ones are my favorites, which is funny b/c they are also the cheapest. But I like the Chicco Travel system a lot too and I like seeing the demos on their website.

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Furniture Dates

Buying and Moving Furniture was a huge part of my weekend. Who knew transporting an entertainment center on top of a subaru would be so nerve wracking…..he he he. Also, I have added another thing to my list of stuff I have done- Rented a Uhaul. For some odd reason I am very proud of myself. I didn’t drive it, J did but hey it was out out under my name. I guess I am excited cuz I have never rented a car before.

Weird loophole- you can rent a u haul van and whether you are 25 or under makes absolutely no difference, but while renting a ford focus its a big deal. Why?

Saturday, when we rented the U-haul we drove to Efland NC to pick up the dresser and the dining table.Efland NC is about 25 mins from Durham , so basically out in the country . And although J and I were fighting on the whole drive there, once we pulled into the country road, we immediately started chatting about how fun it would be to live in the country. Our sellers had this cute house in a little lot with a stream on their backyard and lots of forests and meadows around. It look very picturesque!

So now…day dreaming about Country Living. I am so fickle!

Went and met the girl from Craigslist. I thought it went well and maybe we’ll be friends. I always wonder if other people think I’m a loud mouth cuz I do talk a loth. So now, I don’t know if there is some kind of etiquette, where I wait 3 days to get back to her or should i send her a follow up email today. Foreign Territory. What would Rob Gordon do?

Also there is CHG, I don’t understand that girl. She is incapable of normal girly contact. So formal. Its impossible to get her to open up. Maybe its me?

1 Egg McMuffin
1 hash brown
1 gallon(exagerration) sweet tea
1 falafel wrap w/ veggies and lemon dressing
1 packet chips
1 wedge pickle
1/3 lb pasta salad

1 veggie omlette with cheese
home fries
2 glasses sweet tea
2 slices toast
1/2 grilled greek grilled cheese pita
1/2 cup pasta salad
1/2 cup each mango and lime sorbetto
1 hamburger
2 coronas

1 bagel with egg,bacon and cheese
Greek Salad w/ olive and bleu cheese dressing
2 cheese enchiladas w/ sourcream(very fatty)
1/2 cut beans w/ cheese
tortilla chips

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Bare necessities

Yaaaaaaay!!!! All my furniture troubles might be solved for good this weekend. I am going to go pick up a dining table- we actually found a metal/glass table w/ 4 chairs for $100 and also a dresser for $55 . J is not so excited about the dresser, but I am so excited to finally put all my underwear in a drawers instead of little shelves in our closet.

Also we might be able to pick up an entertainmetn center for $14 tonight. That would solve all our immediate furniture needs. Also we might be able to keep Layla in the living room since the entertaiment center will be a deterrent in chewing wires. Hopefully the guy doesn’t change his mind on the price.

I don’t have anything planned for the weekend other than maybe watching the aviator ( i’m being overly optimistic) and meeting a girl for coffee on sunday.

Last night we just hung around the house and enjoyed not being sick. Also we actually managed to tire out the laylz, it was amazing , she was ready to go to bed before us. Overall very pleasant thursday!


1 strawberry yogurt( lite)
1/2 turkey sandwich (with fatty dressing)
1 bowl potato and bacon soup
1 beer
1 slice pizza

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In between

So I am sick….blah … sucks. I went home feeling really feverish and spent the rest of the time in bed. I would have taken today off except for the fact that I have a meeting and I really can’t take any time off if I want to go to Africa…

Doped up on Day Quill….. making me woozy. Whooooooooooooooooo

While driving to work today I realized, I couldn’t remember all the words to the Indian National Anthem and National Pledge, and I didn’t know all the words to Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge ofAllegiegance. What does that say about me.

Ogle worthy and cheap clothes at Forever 21. Too sick to pick my faves…maybe tomorrow

Tomato Juice
Green Tea
subway sandwich
1.5 cookie