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Photoshop and the Girl!

So now that my work schedule has settled down nicely into a routine, I decided to sign up for an evening class that I can take just for fun. Also, I’m lucky enough to get financial aid this semester, so I don’t even have to pay for it.

I know some basic things in photoshop but it is an application that I have wanted to learn for a really long time and now I can finally become a photoshop pro. I am really excited because the they want us to use our own projects for our assignments etc. which means that I will be working a lot on some of my favorite photos from India and I can finally get them cleaned up and looking great. So watch this space because I plan on posting my before and afters 🙂

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Something General

It feels like ages since I have updated and I wish I had a cooler excuse other than “I’m so busy” but really, I have been super busy lately and I think it will continue like this.

Last weekend, my parents visited again, it was their last visit for a while, since they will be back in CA as of thursday. We spend Friday night and saturday morning assembling and mailing invitations. Sat night my mom and I had to run errands at the mall and buy favor kits. Sunday we went dress shopping for her, and we also went to our weekly potluck! I made a dry Channa- my take on a traditional Garbanzo bean Indian dish. I think it turned out pretty well and it was a huge hit!

 And now its back to the grind, I already feel like I’m swamped in assignments and due dates and its barely week 1 of school! Add in housework, work, gym, invitation mailing to the list and its just crazy.

Tonight I am going to the first of my 10 classical music concerts/recitals. This one is a rehersal of one my friend’s quartets. I’m looking forward to having a little musical interlude from all the regular worries of life.

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End of the week blues

I bought my textbooks today and spent $600 on 6 classes. Thats just insane, its ridiculous , its a rip off! I hate how expensive books have become especially the whole new edition coming out every year is bull shit!!!! I think Professors need to take a stand and insist on using older editions. I do have a cool prof like that and she says she doesn’t care if we use older editions, or international editions to save money, but the others should really insist that their students not get into debt just to buy books…..grrrrrr

 In more happy news, it is friday so yaaaaaaay!!! I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend, sending out my invites and mabye going to Falls lake and taking some photos. This lake is literally 20 mins from my house but J and I have never been!Gasp! Its just that its in a direction we normally don’t go !!!

Goal of the weekend: Must get into Weddingy groove again

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Back to School


Today is the first day of fall semester of my senior year. Its so exciting and nerve wracking all at once that I thought I’d do a quick post. Its going to be crazy for the next couple of months- I have 18 credit hours of which 4 are pretty hard business classes and I do have two fluff classes. The cool thing is that after this I will only have business class left and next semester I get to take mostly electives and a few remaining gen eds. However, working 2o hours, and wedding planning and actually pulling off the wedding is going to take quite a toll on me.

Here is my schedule for the next couple of months:

Monday: 8-10am work, 11-5 classes

Tuesday: 9:30-11classes, 11:30- 5:30 work

Wed 8-10 am work, 11-8:30pm classes

Thu -same as tue

Fri- 8-10 am work, 11-1pm school, 1:30- 3:30 work

Classes I have this semester are


Marketing Research

International Business

Corporate Finance

Music Appreciation

Religion and Film

On a less exciting and somber note, both J and my cars are having problems. Mine has a problem with the starter and J’s problem seems to be something more major. I hate having car problems and my car is old about 10yrs, but I really don’t want to get another car till I graduate, so I’m gonna have to just chug along on this one. Hope things look up for us soon. 

And I’m off to school.

*pic from google images