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Summer Family Date

A few Friday’s ago J, Bun and I headed out to one of our favorite summer activities in Durham. During the summer The American Tobacco Campus has live free music from 6-8.  This lovely grassy area is surrounded by bars and restaurants and families bring picnics or get takeout from the nearby restaurants.  Its also a great time to hang out at Tyler’s beer garden and sample delicious beers.  Usually, this is a group outing for us, with friends or my parents but this friday, it was just the three of us drinking beer {formula for some.. ahem} and sampling the new flavors of loco pops when we just decided to take some pics. These are some of my favorite

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Baby Names

Ever since Avi was conceived we’ve had all sorts of nicknames for him and some of them are so cute and one day he will be too old for me or J to use and I’ll forget so here’s my list

Husib ( His very first name, when he was just a thought in J and my head)

He ( when he was born and I could only think of one person and pronouns worked perfectly)



Baby Boy


Bunny butt


Little man

Little dude



Gator Gator


The ones that I use most are Avi, Baby boy, Monkey, Bunny Butt, Jiggly and of course a combination of them.

Like Jiggly + Bunny butt= Jiggly Butt or Bunny Jiggle or Gator + Monkey = GatorMon ( Sounds Jamaican, no?)

I’m lame. I know.

I still sometimes refer to him as husib when talking to J but usually “He” suffices just fine since 90% of our conversations now revolve around him. I wonder if husib will eventually fade out or J and I will use it even when Avi is all grown up.


Speaking of conversations between me and J. Here is a weird one

J: Are you going to be one of those women who is in a hurry to get grandchildren

N: What?

J: You know will you want Avi to have kids

N: I’m mostly working on getting through tonight, so I haven’t thought that much about it

J: Now that I’m asking you, what do you think?

N: I doubt it, I don’t want more kids, so why would I want grandkids?

J: I don’t know, I just thought we should talk about it.

Uhmmm….okay. I don’t understand boys. I’m just going to leave it at that. Sadly, later that night I thought all about what kind of an adult Avi would be and how his wedding would be , etc etc etc and then I changed his diaper and came right back to reality.

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These two words existing constantly sums up motherhood for me. I’m consumed by both these emotions. I am overwhelmed everytime I see Avi with an all engulfing love but I’m also terrified of him. When he fusses and cries and he has been fed, diapered, napped, burped, bounced, essentially everything I can think of and he still cries, I am overwhelmed with a fear. Because this love I feel for him makes both of us so vulnerable. I worry, that if  something ever happened to him because I felt to meet his need, I would fall apart.  I know I’m rambling, I only slept for 3 hours last night and I thought I’d reached the end of my rope, but after the last bfing session, Avi snuggled up and laid his head on my breast and I was back to being completely smitten.

How do they do that? Such a typical boy, they push your buttons and one little sweet gesture just reels you back in.

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Birthday Belly

My birthday was last week and I’m a slacker so I had to wait this long to finally post about it! But I had a very good excuse, I got in a fender bender, had to spend hours at the DMV and sign a lease on a new place and start packing and moving, so all in all its been a very very busy few days for me. So here’s a whole lot of posts in a row, just how I like it!

For my birthday this year, I had a very bittersweet day. Next time this year, I will have a teeny tiny baby boy who will be in my life, so this was the last birthday that was just me and J. I went to work in the morning and took the afternoon off to go to the DMV and my insurance office to deal with the paperwork from my fender bender the day before. I finally made it home by 4:30 super tired and took a quick nap. J came  home shortly after and surprised me with a very funny card and some lovely roses and then it was time to go to dinner. I wanted the dinner to be the highlight of my day, but it ended up being the highlight of the year! We went to Elaine’s on Franklin Street. It has consistently been one of the best restaurants in the area for a few years and I was really excited to try it. I wore a new maxi dress for the occassion, since they seem to be all the rage and it seemed like a good prego option. So I got all prettified and J took some pics and then we went to our fab dinner! I ordered the foie gras with a black cherry tart for an appetizer, a virgin cosmo for a cocktail, and Pan Fried Halibut with Blue Crab salad and corn succotash and I finished it all off with a warm chocolate cake with vanilla bean icecream. J got flounder ceviche and a Bison NY Strip Steak and his hearts fill of Mint Juleps. We took nearly 3 hours to get through dinner and it was wonderful, chatting and talking about all the new changes in our life. When we got home J had another surprise for me, instead of my yearly cupcakes he had been listening to my requests and got me an Ice Cream Cake! We decided to save it and celebrate with it next day in our new house.






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One of J and my really good friends Stephen visited this week and it was so wonderful to hang out with him and relax and listen to music. It felt like he had never left. It made me really sad to think that if J and I move again soon, how hard it would be to leave friends behind. We already did it once when we moved from Utah, but I think this time it would be harder because we are older and it gets  harder and harder to make friends as we get older. 

J has been extra sweet lately about taking care of me this weekend. He ordered a type of Pizza that he normally doesn’t like just because my food aversions made it impossible for me to eat our regular order. He also has been making sure to stock the fridge up with Sprite zero because thats what helps me fight the nausea that I’ve had the last few days.

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A Movies Weekend

This was the weekend of movies. On sat I watched Sex and the City and on Sun, J and I watched Iron Man. What can I say, we love to support our local theaters.  Other than movies, J and I have perfected our Bloody Mary recipe, well actually mostly J worked on the recipe and I worked on drinking them. Also we bought some new RAM for the computer. On to the movies:

Ironman: Pretty good Super Hero flick! Never thought I’d like Robert Downey Jr. in anything, but he was actually pretty good! Also Gywneth Paltrows black dresses and heels look uber fab!

Sex and the City: It was everything I wanted it to be- a 2 hour episode of the movie. Some parts were good, some were brilliant, some were just boring, but overall, despite the tepid reviews, I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed the fashion eye candy- SJP out did her self and there were definitely looks that I want to steal- Argyle Knee socks and oversized graphic tees= awesome.  And of course the female bonding was at its best! I was more upset about Carrie and Miranda’s quibbles instead of Carrie and Big’s problems.

Really, As much as I love J , I wouldn’t know what to do without the women who keep me sane! Boys are good, but girls are better 🙂


Happy Birthday to my Husband

photo: google images


Its my J’s birthday today, he turns 28.  We are not really doing anything too exciting today because I have two finals tomorrow, and also because we are doing a birthday lunch for J during our trip.  Our celebration today is J drinking his super fancy scotch and eating his favorite meal of Brats and Baked Beans. What can I say, the boy is just too low key sometimes.

I went to the store today to buy him some cupcakes and decided on the spur of the moment to buy him a card as well. So, for the first time in my life, I shopped in the For Him: husband section. Most of the cards were really cheesy and it was hard to find one I liked but I really wanted one that said Husband in it, just to memorialize this year.

Lets hope J likes it and doesnt’ think its too cheesy.

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Leaving Utah

Sunday, everyone left early in the morning. J and I hung out in Solitude till the afternoon and ate a awesome brunch at Creekside in Solitude and went hot tubbing. While we were driving down the canyon, the view was so beautiful that we had to stop and take pictures.


View outside the Creekside Restaurant. I love to compare this photo with the Alta First snow pic.


View of our Condo in Solitude


Fall colors while driving down the canyon.

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And on the night before…

Thursday was also another beautiful and bright sunny day, seeing the weather that day made it impossible to believe that forecasts were calling for snow on Friday- my wedding day.



The day started with a big family breakfast , after which Jeff showed up and we started the caravan up the mountain, taking along all the wedding necessities. The Brighton Chalets -Manor house worked out beautifully, it had bedrooms on the ground floor and a big living room with a fireplace, pool table, big kitchen and dining area upstairs. That night we had a rehearsal party, where J’s parents, sisters and my family and friends gathered for some good food and music. During the rehersal, Tauji also gave us my Amma ( grandma’s gold ring) and we decided to use it as my wedding ring during the ceremony the next day.



When the crowds started dwindling down, D mashi started doing Mehndi for me and bridesmaids. She was a real trooper because we just had old fashioned cones and no stencils so it took a long time to do them, especially mine. After the henna party was over, we moved a smaller party over to the Condo at snowbird and we continued to have a good time late into the night.