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{Capture the Everyday} Modern Technology

Writing this post made me realize, I have not blogged this week at all! Yikes! But I love this Meme so much hosted over at Adventuroo that I make it a point to blog on most Thursdays.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Fact 1: I have family all over the world

Fact2: I’m not a phone person

Fact3: Facebook lets me stay in touch with my peeps scattered all over the world without having to have awkward phone conversations. Clarification- the awkwardness is all on my end. See Fact 2.

Facebook has allowed me to be involved in my cousins lives and families and through Facebook they are watching Bun grow. I cannot imagine life without it. Cheers FB!

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{Capture the Everyday} Books You Are Reading

I feel terrible that I had to skip the past few weeks of Melissa’s meme, but when I saw this week’s assignment, I knew I had to participate.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

I have actually been reading quite a bit recently which is good because I didn’t read for the entire time I was pregnant and almost all of Bun’s first year. I just didn’t have the attention span or the energy and I was so focussed on my baby that the thought of being invested in characters or thoughts or opinions of anyone but my immediate family just seemed too overwhelming. I don’t think I even read the news for the first few months after Bun was born. But I picked it up again once Bun started having a predictable and stress free bed time and I had a good chunk of time to myself in the evenings. These are the three that I consider as read for this week.

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton:  I devoured this book in a day and a half. I loved all the characters, especially Grace and the book does such a fantastic job of evoking atmosphere that I would feel chills and goosebumps from it days later. I will admit that I love almost anything that has to do with the early 20th century in Britain, so I was predisposed to like it, but I think it is absolutely fabulous. I’m so glad I gave Kate Morton a second chance because I really didn’t care for The Forgotten Garden

Broken Glass Park: This is a memoir/autobiography/novel about a seventeen year old living in the Ghettos of Germany. I absolutely loved the first 2/3rd of the book. The end got a bit too surreal and almost got too melodramatic. This was a little different from what I normally read but I’m glad I branched out.

Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Okay, so I haven’t read this from cover to cover, but I have been glancing through this over the week. All I have to say “Meh”

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Lunch Mar 31

Its been dreary here lately, with cloudy skies and dull gray weather. Bun and I haven’t been going out much and days just seem to blend together into one big lump and I sometimes can’t keep track of what day of the week it is. So thats why I’m doing such a random post, maybe when I look back over this blog sometime in the future, I’ll remember mine and Bun’s lunch from Mar 31 2011.

Today is also dark and gray and we have to have our indoor lights on to cheer this place up a bit. Its also harder to entertain Bun when we don’t get out of the house until late afternoon when its a little warmer. I decided to make my favorite lunch for us today- Eggs and toast- scrambled for Bun and crispy sunny side up for me. Bun eats the same breakfast everyday -oatmeal and banana and I don’t eat breakfast all , I just chug down cups and cups of coffee. But I absolutely love breakfast foods, especially eggs. I’m crazy about eggs just like every single person in my family. We are all as Antony Bourdain would say “egg sluts” and proud of it. Bun used to be very fond of eggs when we first started doing table foods but like every other food he doesn’t seem to care for it too much. I’m hoping this will change soon.

I needed these big bursts up yellow today to brighten up the grays.  Yum Yum Yum Lunch

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Contact Solution v. Me. The Epic Battle

Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks or more like a squirt of contact lens solution that staying at home with a toddler is really staying at home alone. At fifteen months your toddler will only cry harder if you are also crying in pain.  This is the story of how the contact lens solution ruined our day

It started out like any other day only this morning Bun was grumpier and crankier than usual when he woke up, probably something to do with not eating any of his dinner last night. But still the morning was chugging along pleasantly until Bun decided he absolutely had to drag stuff out of our pantry. Meanwhile I was rubbing my eyes all morning since allergies were bugging me and one more hard rub and the contact came out in my hand. Out of my other good eye, I spotted the new contact solution the eye doctor had recently given me and thought,”Wow,I’ll give this one a try” So I did the contact washing routine and right when I popped it in, it felt like my eyes were on fire. On Cue Bun chose this moment to  empty a pasta packet all over the kitchen floor and started bawling because he realized he probably shouldn’t have done that. And thats how at 8:30 am on a Wednesday morning mother and son stood sobbing in the kitchen.

I took the contact out, washed it out with water and then tried putting it in again and succeeded and then the pain was just too unbearable so I had to down on the floor and by some superhuman strength I managed to open my eye, stick my finger in and yank that contact out.  By now Avi was crying harder and I was sobbing in pain and my poor tormented eye was bright red. It was at this point it hit me that I should read the directions where it clearly said- “Do not insert into eyes for atleast 6 hours after soaking. Contacts need 6 hours to neutralize.”

So now I have one contact in my eye, stuck at home for 6 hours since I can’t drive and honestly I’m too scared to put the contact back in at all today. I have no idea where my glasses are. Probably at my parents house somewhere.  Oh and did I mention the extra grumpy toddler.

Motherhood didn’t come with directions, but seriously, I should have at least thought about glancing at the directions to the contact solution.

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Its Finally Springtime!

It feels so wonderful now that the weather outside has finally warmed up a bit! Its been a crazy busy week with work and also loads of fun. One of my clients had a house go under contract and we also had a bunch of family activities that kept us busy and of course this blog fell off the priority list.

Anyway, speaking of the priority list, I have added this yellow potted primrose to my list of things to do. I have never been any good around plants and have never had potted plants around, but this spring, its all going to change. I will keep some plants alive, I’m even going to have them thrive.  J is seriously doubtful about this venture and has bet me $50 that this poor little primrose is going to be dead in under two weeks. But I have my secret weapon- Bun who is ready to point to it and remind me that it needs some watering!

Here are some pics of my boy enjoying the spring sunshine in his new toddler sandals.


Crushed by Allergies and a Hangover

I have three blog posts almost ready to go that I’m so excited to post but stupid pollen allergies and a raging headache just makes me want to lie on my couch and enjoy the favorite time of my day- Naptime. Maybe tonight I’ll finally feel better. But I’m going to keep up my resolution of at least three posts by Friday.

Oh did I mention the Mardi Gras party last night was fun!!! So this is totally worth it.



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Honey Honey How it Thrills Me

I just had my first dance party with my son. I love typing this sentence.

If you know me in real life, you know how much I like parties and dancing at parties. Hell, I don’t even have to be drunk to break out my funky moves. Yeah,I’m that girl, you know the one who will dance any time the music starts, I dance at weddings, new years eve parties, random Friday nights in our living room. I will dance with you and anyone who is around and mostly I will dance with my friends and my parents and my family and my love. And now I will dance with my son.

And of course we had ABBA playing while Bun and I broke out into our impromptu goofy dance. Bun did his Butt dance to Super Trooper from ABBA, and I just flung myself around the room.

For a brief second I thought about grabbing the camcorder and recording it but I didn’t want to interrupt our groove thang….ya know. I guess this post will have to suffice for this first memory. I’m sure there will be many dance parties to follow.

Watch out kid, I think we’ll have to make your 2nd birthday party a dance party.

I just had my first dance party with my son.

This is an old photo of me dancing with a very dear friend on a random friday night in his living room.

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{Capture the Everyday} What’s on your Nightstand

I absolutely love this week’s challenge from Adventuroo. I like having assignments and deadlines and turning in assignments makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Wow, my nightstand is cluttered. Anyway here’s the list of stuff on there right now.

Lamp- Thrift store find that I always wanted to spray paint silver but have yet to get around to doing it

Stack ofBooks- Some nights I read more than others but I try

My Laptop- Its old but its still going strong

Bun’s Books- They are an absolute must for the mornings we are awake early enough to sneak in some snuggle time or for weekend mornings when we are trying to sleep in.

Water Bottle- A huge upgrade since Christmas of last year. J got it because I was so thirsty while I nursed the Bun

VS Pink Body Lotion- I usually buy Drenched in Pink Sweet and Flirty but I was being adventurous last time I was in the store

Inhaler- Ugghhh, my childhood Asthma seems to be making a comeback so I’ve needed to keep this handy lately.


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{March 2} Quick Peek

One of the downsides of being a WAHM to a toddler is that I don’t have as much time on the internet as I used to. I now no longer have time to keep up with a lot of the cool hipster, fabulous girls about town blogs that I used to read in the pre baby days and even if I do get around to reading them, I find myself not being able to relate to that life anymore. Money is tighter, the body has loose bits hanging out,  A night out on town means I ‘m home by 11 at the latest, my idea of cool hip music is now the latest Wiggles CD that I checked out at the library, the last movie I saw in the theater was Avatar. Yeah, I know, I need to get out more.

Anyway, all this whining was just the intro for a new attempt I’m making at documenting Bun and my life. I stole this idea from one of my fave pre baby blogs – No Good For Me. The women who blog there have awesome taste and are super super cool, so you should check them out if you ever have a chance. Anyway here is my quick peek for March




I’m hooked on Veronica Mars on Netflix.  If you ever liked Nancy Drew as a little girl then this is right up your alley. Only I think I like Veronica a little more ( Sorry Nancy, you seem too much like the popular girl not cool outsider, but you’ll always be my first girl crush).


Yo Gabba Gabba still reigns supreme in our household, especially the animal episode. Also this cute Hindi nursery rhyme that Bun watches with my mum. The lyrics are in Hindi and the animation is meh but the tune is really catchy and everyone can sing the chorus. I hum it in the shower all the time. Meow Meow Meow Meow


Me:  Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is a Nigerian writer and she captures complex family dynamics in a post colonial Nigeria beautifully. Also I love reading stories set in Africa because it reminds me of my time there and reminds me that I simply have to go back someday. Its such a vast continent and I want to see and explore more of it.


His favorite animal lately has been Elephants so we got Ollie from the library and we have been reading it several times a day.


Me: I have a major ipad addiction currently

Bun: Our Red Couch and the pillows and blankets that he drags o top of it


Me: I really really want to upgrade our printer. I have been doing a lot of research on which one I want and I think its probably going to be one of the Cannon Pixmas. I hate spending money on printers because they end up being so disposable anyway.

Bun: “Out”. I can’t seem to give this kid enough outside time. He asks for “out” all the time.


Me:Old Navy Jeans, Yellow Tee with Giant Sunflower from Target and Black Hoodie

Bun: Gap 1969 Jeans and a Navy Blue Carters Twofer with a football goal post on it and super comfy fleece lined slip ons that I found at target for $1.98. I kinda want his slip ons.

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Love. Hate. Shoes

No this post is not about my relationship with shoes. That one is pretty straight forward- I love them. Always have, Always will. Hate, dislike, ambivalence, doubt were never words for that relationship.

No this is about Bun’s complicated relationship with shoes or joooewz as he calls them. On one hand shoes is one of his favorite words right up there with Dog. In fact it’s his go to word in a pinch, whenever he wants to have a conversation with me and runs out of his limited vocabulary, but wants to keep talking he’ll randomly say shoes, you know just for kicks. I cannot pass by the shoe aisles at target or payless at the mall without hearing a rendition of “joooewz, joooewz, joooewz” chant. Also, he now knows that if I want him to wear shoes, its a good bet that we are going out. Another very favorite word and activity.

Once he actually has his shoes on and pointed at them, giggled and been left alone with them, the hate part kicks in. He is adamant about taking them off. I’m forever putting them back on when I get him out of the car seat. But things came to a head last friday. I was meeting an old friend and we had to swing by Walgreens to pick up a prescription and run a few errands. Somewhere between Walgreens and the errands Bun had managed to take off his shoes and lose them. Yes lose them. They weren’t in the car or in any of my bags. I could not take my kid to a play area without shoes,so we had to add Target to our list of stops and pick up a pair. And the cycle continued, he was thrilled while we looked at shoes, tried them on, paid for them, left the store. I put them on him in the car and of course when we pulled up to Panera and I went to get him out of the car seat, the shoes were off.  He smiled at me and said “joooewz”

Toddlers. Sigh