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Vegas Baby Vegas

After the wedding festivities were over, J drove me down to SLC on sunday over to my old haunt and now KD and her husband’s home on Capricorn Way. We spent an hour or so figuring out our ceremony and then it was adios to J and we were on our way to Vegas.

The drive to vegas just flew by that day, since KD and I had so much to talk about. Since we left slc in the afternoon we reached Las Vegas at my favorite time. Driving on I-15 there is a hill about 20 mins away from vegas that lets you see the whole city ahead of you just glittering in the vast wilderness of the desert. Plus since travellers come up on it suddenly, it serves as a great introduction to vegas.

In spite of our quick drive and beautiful view we did run into some car problems right as we hit the strip, the car had overheated and thankfully we were able to make it long enough to pull into the hotel. After puttin some coolant in and deciding to let the car rest for a bit, we checked in and decided to head out for the night. I dressed it up to the nines and wore my green dress that I had originally planned to wear to my nonod’s wedding and KD dressed up in her super hot black shirt. We stopped by a 50s style diner for a late dinner and then hit the strip.


Drinking Whiskey and Coke at Carnival Court


Outside Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce.


KD at the HotelM lobby.

The first place we stopped at was a outdoor bar in front of Harrahs called carnival court. They had a cover band playing and the place was rocking. We drank some whiskey and cokes and danced and ogled the super hot frontman. We then headed down the strip to Mandalay Bay, we were looking for a specific club but we ended up at at place called Ivor Kane’s Forty Deuce.  This place had previously been out of our budget b/c there was a $25 cover charge, but since it was sunday and not a busy night they let us in for free.

This place had a completey different vibe, it was super upscale and whenwe ordered our vodka and cranberry drinks, they only gave us top shelf vodka. We made our way to the dance floor bar where it seemed that something was about to start. That something was a burlesque show! Yep, KD and I got to see a super cool, old school style, jazzy burlesque show for free in Vegas. It was an awesome show and the two girls were simply amazing in their acrobatics and of course they were gorgeous.


Drinking at the Pool Bar


The Stratosphere tower and hotel from the pool


Free Martinis at the C Bar

We spent the next day in Vegas just hanging out by the Stratosphere pool and enjoying the free buffet that we got. It was bliss, just lying in the sun, reading and drinking fruity drinks. That night was the night of the Blue Man Group and since I had never been to a BMG show before, I had no idea what to expect. It is something thats definitely different from what one expects , but for the better. I think not knowing anything about it made the show seem really cool, so I won’t write anything more about it, but the picture should suffice.


 Start of the Blue Man Show


 At the Venetian


Vegas at Night

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Back in Town


HotHotJJ and I at Thai Spice for Lunch. The bloggers catch up in real life.

On friday morning , the day after the rehersal, J and I snuck away to do some errands for our own upcoming wedding. We drove down to Slc from layton and met up with our friends Hothotjj and E ( if you don’t know who they are check out her blog) for lunch. We went to a Thai restaurant close to JJ’s work and the food was fantastic and cheap! It was really good to catch up and hang out after all these years.

After lunch, J and I made our phone calls and ran errands and finally started on our drive to Huntsville UT for Nonod’s wedding. I had never been up Ogden/Weber canyon before despite living in UT for years and the drive up was beautiful! It felt so amazing to be in the mountains and to breathe the clear cool air and see all the fall colors.



Beautiful Fall colors on the way to Eden UT

We reached Red Moose Lodge in Eden in the late evening and after checking in , we went straight for the BBQ being hosted by the bride and groom. The menu for that night was wild alaskan salmon(some actually caught by the bride and groom) and thick hearty steaks. It was the perfect meal for a chilly fall night. The venue we were at had a silly policy on drinking alcohol which was they were okay with it as long as it was not obvious, so we had to sneak in to the groom’s uncle’s RV and make little drinks in opaque plastic cups. It was still a lot of fun, brought back my days of underage drinking.


With my newest nephew and the salmon in the background

We finally went to bed late at night, after deciding to offer our extra bed to the flower girl.

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Something General

It feels like ages since I have updated and I wish I had a cooler excuse other than “I’m so busy” but really, I have been super busy lately and I think it will continue like this.

Last weekend, my parents visited again, it was their last visit for a while, since they will be back in CA as of thursday. We spend Friday night and saturday morning assembling and mailing invitations. Sat night my mom and I had to run errands at the mall and buy favor kits. Sunday we went dress shopping for her, and we also went to our weekly potluck! I made a dry Channa- my take on a traditional Garbanzo bean Indian dish. I think it turned out pretty well and it was a huge hit!

 And now its back to the grind, I already feel like I’m swamped in assignments and due dates and its barely week 1 of school! Add in housework, work, gym, invitation mailing to the list and its just crazy.

Tonight I am going to the first of my 10 classical music concerts/recitals. This one is a rehersal of one my friend’s quartets. I’m looking forward to having a little musical interlude from all the regular worries of life.

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Southern Fried Chicken

I have had fried chicken before at restaurants, buffets, diners, KFC but I had home made fried chicken for the first time this sunday.  My friend F who is a total southern girl fried chicken and brought it over for the our weekly sunday potluck and it was unlike anything I have tasted before. I am not even a fan of fried chicken but this was delicious, crispy w/out being greasy, flavorful even on the inside, it was delicious. I guess there is something to be said for home cooked food. We also had fish tostadas, pasta salad, carrot slaw, caviar, seafood salad and my contribution Rasmalai(which I messed up). I love our weekly gathering of food and friends.

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Angsty Depressed Music

…..PARTY. Thats right! Sat night, J and I hosted a party at our apt. and we called it our Depressing music party. Everyone had to  bring 2-3 of their most depressing, angs inducing songs to share and they would be judged by everyone. It was a really fun time, ironic , I know for a depressing music party. It was depressing music made less depressing b/c we were among friends. And most importantly, I felt it gave us all a better insight into each others personalities. We also had yummy Seviche Tostadas (courtesy of Y.) and lots of booze. Of course we all go ridiculously drunk and nobody left till 4 in the morning.

 J and I  also made prizes for the winners, which was tic tacs in pill bottles to resemble sleeping pills and we tied it up t o mini bottles of whisky. I’ll post a pic as soon as I upload it, it looked very cute and morbid at the same time. I also got to keep one, because I won second place in the competition, i guess all my years of angst was building up to this moment. Ha!

My two entries were:

Elliot Smith- Fond Farewell

Beck- Lost Cause

I was so busy having a good time and being a host that i forgot to take pics, but I think my friend SVS did take some, so as soon as he makes them available, I will post them. Overall, it was a fantastic night and even J who gets very nervous about hosting events had to admit that things went off w/out a glitch.



JE and her boyfriend and son left for Tennessee today.  We went over to their apt last night to say good bye and it was sad to see the empty apt. The four of us had had a lot of good times in that apt. I am really sad and I ‘m really going to miss her but I am also happy for her. She is finally going to get a chance to go back to school and be closer to her family and her boyfriend found a fantastic job as well.

I know we will still be friends and still be close, but it won’t be the same. Anyway, here’s wishing her good luck.

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Ode to 7Eleven

Okay, its not really an ode, but in honor of it being 7/11 today I thought I’d post about how much I love Seven Eleven. Right now, there is no seven eleven in my life because they don’t have seven eleven in the south. They have Circle K and I suppose its close to seven eleven, but i aske where’s the green and the orange? Its just not the same.  My favorite seven eleven memories are of course of the slurpee . Walking over to seven eleven on a hot summer day to get the diet coke slurpee…yum.  Or even having a debate about if the seven eleven at the bottom of Big Cottonwood canyon is the busiest 7 Eleven in the country. I still don’t believe it but if think it is , you are not alone, I went to high school with several people who thought that.

Another of my 7 eleven memories is of the one on Main street, Logan, where MB and I would stop by every friday evening to get  their syrupy sweet frozen coffees. This was our friday night ritual after which we would either drive down to SLC or go out and party. Those coffee drinks gave us just the right amount of caffeine boost. I remember we would often show up at a friend’s house giggly and acting stupid and people would think we were already drunk, but it was just the caffeine.

Anyway, maybe the next place J and I move to will have 7 elevens and I’ll make some more memories, but till then Thanks for the Slurpees and the good times 7 eleven. You were a huge part of my adolescent landscape.

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Backyard Shenanigans

For the 4th, J and I went to our friend F’s house for a BBQ. There was some amazing food, BBQ Chicken, Hot dogs, Coleslaw, Orzo salad , Brownies, Guacamole and this spicy potato salad. I am determined to get that recipe, even though F says  its a family recipe. I didn’t really take too many pics as J had the camera the whole night and I let him be photographer.

Here are a few I like:

Mmmm…Delicious and Spicy Bloody Mary


Is it Durham or Singapore? What is DS’s crime?  most importantly why is he enjoying it?


Some public S&M? hmm….what does this pic say about my upcoming marriage?


Lighting a roman candle? or pointing out UFO’s?


*Photos byJ and Y*

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A True Blue Friend

Last Saturday J and I went out to Franklin street with my friend JE and her boyfriend. It was a bittersweet night, because we had a really fun time and stayed up and about till almost 5 in the morning but it was sad because this is one of the last times we’ll be able to hang out like this. JE and her family is moving to Nashville in 2 weeks and it really hit me hard that night. Throughout my time in NC, JE has been one of my closest girlfriends. We call each other when we ar mad at our significant others and we have a Thursday Night= Girls Night rule . After she is gone, I wont’ be able to do those things. I know, we’ll still be close and I’ll call her and we’ll stay in touch, but it won’t be the same. We definitely bring out the silly, girly, side of each other.

A story that illustrates is what happened saturday night. We went to one of JE and my favorite bars- The Blue Horn Lounge on Franklin Street. The reason we love this bar is because it is tiny and has a very old school feel to it and most importantly it has a spectacular bathroom. First of all the bathroom is nearly half the size of the bar and it is bathed in blue light. It is also decorated really nicely with mosaic tiles and cool iron fixtures. This saturday, when we were obviously drunk JE and I went to the infamous bathroom, while our boys waited at the bar and had a 20 minute photo shoot. People and our boys were banging on the door and we were giggling like crazy and by the time we came out everyone was giving us really strange looks. But we didnt’ care, out bathroom photoshoot was really fun, with the both of us pretending we were on ANTM and trying to figure out our best angles and poses. Unfortunately the blue light didn’t come through in the photos. When we came out our Boys had left the bar to stand outside cuz they are just dumb boys and rolled their eyes at us. Silly boys!

Anyway, all good things must come to an end and it seems like our silly days are over at least until I see her in october for the wedding. I guess my brief stint as a bathroom model is over:(

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Whew! What a busy weekend!!! J and I have been cleaning, organizing and setting up house non stop since last friday and we still have a few mini projects we want to finish before tongiht when my mom gets here. We did have some fun scouting Thrift stores for a couch and some end tables and I am happy to report that we found both!

Projects we completed:

Bought a cute loveseat

Bought two really nice end tables and matching lamps

Reorganized bedroom

Reorganized study (both look damn good , in my opinion)

We also had some fun this weekend! We went to our weekly potluck at DS’s house and my friend ST fulfilled his lifelong dream of buying stilts. He found construction stilts on craigslist and after our yummy potluck we decided to give them a whirl. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it because I was wearing high heels and the stilts couldn’t be brought down from a size 12 to fit my size 6 feet. But what the hell!!! We only live once right and I had full faith that the boys wouldn’t let me fall! Check out my stilt pics!