On ANTM…..

Since they let Brittany go, I am starting to lose interest in this show real fast. I will watch the season finale this week! But my interest for next season is already waning and a lot of people i have talked to have said the same.

You better shape up your show miss tyra or you will be losing a lot of your viewers!

I think they kept Keenyah, so that there is no “real ” competition in the last episode, we all know, that because of her weight she won’t be the top 2. I don’t even really care anymore whether Naima or Kahlen wins, cuz I’m just disillusioned with the show.

I saw Eva’s pic on the cover of a magazine called Kings , which is a second tier FHM/Maxim and the next top model should atleast get a Maxim cover if she is going to explore those options. I wonder if Eva even got any runway offers, since she is so short. That will be true of Kahlen and Naima as well.

Please Tyra, make this a real competition again!

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Perfect Brunch

Ingredients for a perfect sunday :


4 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons melted butter

Measure all ingredients in to blender jar; blend for 30 seconds. Scrape down sides. Blend for 15 seconds more. Cover and let sit for 1 hour. (This helps the flour absorb more of the liquids.)

Makes 12-14 crepes.

Toppings: Nutella, Strawberries, Bananas, Salmon, Cream cheese , Mexican green Chile, RS’s cream sauce, mango, kiwis

Sides: Sausage, Strawberry shortcake,

Beverages: Mimosas, Scotch and Soda, OJ and tea

Add some interesting people, some old and boring people, a great backyard, a cd player on shuffle and you have a sunday brunch worthy or journal entries(ha) and memoirs.

I love the fact that I’m at a place in my life, where i can plan outfits, not work outfits, cuz they are a little boring and i mostly just have to play a certain part, but weekend outfits, brunch outfits, club outfits, dept party outfits, friends band outfits. I am so glad that I ‘m not 18 and stuck in jeans and top mode, though that is still the staple.



Yaaaaay!!! Michelle went home. I guess i do feel a little bad, since the last coupld of episodes. But seriously she is scary and weird and like Janice said in the last episode- “Who would book Michelle for a shoot?”

Anyway this week, the girls practice posing from animals and then go to South Africa for their foreign location. Everyone makes fun of Keenyah for getting chubbier, but she seems to take it in stride and even refers to Yoanna’s weight issues. The girls go on a little safari ride and then the next day they have their photo shoot for Lubriderm. At this point, I’ve decided I can’t really do recaps of the episodes and I am really more interested in the pros and cons of the five girls, so I’ll just write about those instead.

Kahlen: She’s #1 , She’s #1 , She’s #1 !!!! Kahlen is just kicking so much ass!!! She looks gorgeous in every photo shoot and seems to always be in “character”. Especiallly after last weeks episode, she has become a much stronger contender. My only criticism of Kahlen is that she needs to step up her appearance in person. She looks very unglamorous and that might hurt her in the future. I think all the judges love her and she is definite for the final three unless something drastic happens

Naima: Naima still kicks ass. She really is too cool to even be on the show! I hope even if she doesn’t win, she gets tons of modelling contracts! She is so laid back and nice. I love her style too, its different from typical girly girl stuff. I can’t believe Tyra said she forgot about Naima! Hello, she has only been voted CG of the week 7-8 times! Obviously people who she is selling products to seem to remember her. But I do agree with the judges , everytime I see Naima’s pics, they look really cool and I always think that she could do a lot better and kick everyone’s ass

Brittany: Brittany is my girl! She was really funny this episode and her picture was amazing. I think she will get a lot of offers after this show even if she is eliminated by some snafu next week. She knows she is going to make it regardless. I think she should be in the top 3 and she definitely has a good chance of winning. But the fact that she doesn’t need this show might work against her cuz I think the judges know thab Brittany can open doors for herself.

Keenyah: I hate to see her go! But I really feel her days are numbered. But Tyra and the producers can actually use her weight/weightloss and make a good story arc for it, even though they already had done that with Yoanna. I think most of audience would lap it up, cuz we always like to see girls who struggle with their weight win, cuz we all struggle with our weight. It was good for Tyra to admit that its a shallow industry and maybe she ‘ll stop with the plus size model thing and actually pick girls with the right body type’s to begin with instead of humiliating them on the show. However it looked like Keenyah’s weight gain was her own fault.

Christina: I guess there is some benefits to being utterly forgettable. The judges forget to eliminate you. I think even Christina realizes she doesn’t have a shot at this point cuz there’s only 4 more weeks left and her pics are barely starting to improve and she is called the ice queen. My vote is that she is gone next week. She is nice and pretty but just not that interesting. SHe is more forgettable than Naima


1/2 ANTM

I didn’t really watch the full episode of ANTM last night, so I’m only going to do my little list.

1) Kahlen: She deserves to be #1, even after her personal tragedy, she managed to take a really cool pic. Her make up and hair looked good too and she looked like a vampire queen from one of Anne Rice’s novels. Thats a good thing btw.

2) Naima: Naima definitely stepped it up and went the opposite direction from Kahlen, where her Envy was very subtle. Her final pic was awesome and looked like it could be in Elle Italy or something

3) Brittany: She rocked the photo shoot! Sloth would be a hard sin to portray and even the photographer had nice things to say about her

4) Christina: I am happy that she won a challenge and it looks like she is trying hard. But I am really bored with her, I forget half the time she is even on the show

5) Keenyah: Her photo sucked! But I don’t think it was all her fault. Her sin was super unsexy and the wardrobe and make up people made her look awful. I mean she didn’t ask to look kitchy

6) Michelle: I will just quote Jay Manuel ” I have seen Drag queens softer than her”

7) Tatiana: Eliminated. I felt bad for her , I liked her okay and she did take good pics. I don’t think it will be too hard for her to find modeling gigs. She is also really young, which is in her favor. Would have kept her over michelle myself. But thats just me……



Wow! That was a shocker that Tyra eliminated two models this week. I wonder if it is going to be a behind the scenes episode next week because she might end up with extra episode slots. Those are a complete waste of time. The show starts out with the girls getting an acting lesson , in case they have to do commercials etc, for their clients. They try to learn the “cockney dialect” and then get lines from My Fair Lady which they have to memorize for the next day. Next day when they go to the studio , they meet Boris Kodjoe , who will read the lines with them. Michelle keeps talking about how she has 4 years of drama, but she still sucks and Naima wins the prize and Brittney gets lots of praise. Tiffany doesn’t even try…dun dun dun. Anyway the girsl win $10,000 worth of diamond jewelry which is a really cool prize, especially after the lame one two weeks ago.

They get their summons for the photo shoot next day which is for WonderBra and according to the Judges and Tyra none of the pictures are really great. I think I agree with the judges on that too. But they did get to pose with a super hot guy and some of hte girls really enjoyed it and we got to know that Kahlen had never had a b.f. I think she is more like Shandi than Michelle. The girs then have to read from a teleprompter and pretend they are a guest host on a TV show. All of them really butcher their reading and can’t even pronounce half the words. But Brittany gets kudos for infusing a lot of personality into the reading. Tiffany comes out and says she can’t do it and when i saw it on the preview I thought she was illiterate. The judges encourage and cajole her and she sort of reads it and then mumbles how “humiliating” it is and walks off. Hmmm…question to Tiffany, if she did not want to be judged, why show up on a reality show??? Janice, as usual is really funny and if they don’t bring her back next season, I will totally give up on ANTM. Last week’s We are all fat comment was just too funny and bizarre and this week she starts humping Nigel to demonstrate lingerie modeling. Anyway, the rest of the judges tell Tyra, the girls need a wake up call and Tyra eliminates both Tiffany and Rebecca. And then when the girls are all saying goodbye Tyra just flips out and starts yelling at Tiffany about how she blew her chance. Now Tyra is not only trying to be Oprah, she is also trying to be Dr. Phil! After she berates and yells at tiffany some more, the show ends and we are supposed to believe that Tyra yelled at her because she cares about tiffany, which is total bullshit. Just because Tiffany didn’t break down and bawl like other girls and say thanks for giving me a chance, doesn’t mean she didn’t want to be on the show. Also Tyra didn’t pick Tiffany to make her life better, but to improve her ratings. I am really staring to dislike Tyra and her red hair and super tight shirts.

Anyhoo…here’s the list,

Brittany: Go Brittany, Go Brittany. This girl has been kicking ass, she has an awesome body and is actually trying to learn and work on her posing. Her photo was awesome and if I saw that photo for an ad for Wonderbra in a magazine , i wouldn’t guess that she was a model in training, I would think she was a real model.

Naima: Still my favorite and I think her picture was okay. Her pose is fine, but whoever did her hair did an awful job and it takes away from the picture

Kahlen: Her hair is really funky ,but I think her photo is good and her face looks cute. But its below average work for her.

Michelle:OMG…gasp…I can’t believe I am doing this. I still want her booted ASAP and she was still really weird on the show, but her pic was really great! If I was making this list bases solely on pics, Michelle would be #2 this week. I know I’m softening a little I guess.

Tatiana: Its a cute pic, She looks like a model from the victoria’s secret catalogue

Keenyah: I don’t know whats wrong with my girl Keenyah, but she is one of the bottom ones this week, because she looks porn starish in the pic. The wardrobe person did not giver her the right bra and her face is all hidden

Christina: Her pic is okay overall, but they should have given her a better bra. Maybe she is not cut out for lingerie modelling.

Eliminated- Rebecca: I actually liked her a lot in this episode, cuz she seemed nice and normal and it was cute how she was talking about her fiance and how she was glad she tried out but she was happy to go home and get married. Maybe she got so much airtime because she was being cut. Also it totally makes sense that Kahlen and her were best freinds because they were both super uptight last week.

Tiffany: I understand why the judges felt that she didn’t try enough or want it enough, becasue she did not put in any effort during this episode and her pic is really bad. But for Tyra to judge her based on her reaction after being cut was ridiculuous. Some people just make jokes after they have been hurt to deal with it, maybe its not Tiffany’s personality to let her weakness show.

Overall, a very satisfying episode.

I also watched Revelations last night to see if it would fill the void left by Xfiles but its only okay.


2 slices french bread
peanut butter
1 fruit and nut granola bar.
1Turkey Ranch Wrap
M and Ms
Twister Cheesits
Fried Flounder
Garlic and Parmesan Rice
Too much alcohol

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ANTM Update….

I feel like I should write about Terri Shiavo’s death, since she died this morning. But its seems like everyone is writing about that poor woman and there really isn’t that much left to say. Maybe I’m just desensitized, but I think maybe this is the best for everyone involved.

In my opinion last night was one of the better ANTM episodes. The photo shoot was really interesting and the house-michelle drama was really interesting. Like one of my good friend commented “Flesh eating bacteria on a bisexual model’s face, Reality TV can’t get much better than that.” And she is right, getting a whole bunch of pretty girls to freak out about flesh eating bacteria was awesome!!! I especially liked Lluvy’s little tics, that was really funny! Also I don’t get the Tyra one on one’s , its not like if a girl really tells Tyra her problems, Tyra will feel sorry for her and let her win. If it was me, I would be very guarded and say cliched things like “I’m so happy to be here” and “Oh my gosh, this is so challenging and it is making me a better person.” And after Michelle told Tyra about her skin problems, why didn’t “Saintly Tyra” get her to a dermatologist immediately. I think Tyra Banks is the biggest hindrance to her show. I find her the worst judge on the panel too.

Anyway, here is the list o’ faves. From most to least…

1) Brittany: She definitely rocked her photo and the judges seemed to be mostly impresed with how much she has taken their criticism to heart and improved. I just hope she stops wearing the same outfit to every judging- black tank/tee and denim mini.

2) Naima: Naima is still the coolest girl by far. But thats two below average photos are making the judges notice. Also since the other girls are getting more competitive , she will have to push a little harder to stay out of the bottom two. Unless something drastic happens, I still think she will be around for a while.

3)Kahlen: She once again had a great pic. She seems nice and is giving consistent pics. In her photo she really did look ethereal. Also she is starting to look more put together outside the photo shoots as well.

4) Keenyah: Whats with the K’s? Once again the judges are super impressed with her and her photo was really cool. Also it was pretty smooth how she pulled of wearing the ANTM tank top. Maybe she learned for Jennipher from last season, its never good to flash your butt at the judges.

5) Becky: She did have a good picture and her facial expressions were funny during the bacteria freak out. The judges are also pretty impressed with her.

6) Tatiana: Her pic was only okay! But I think its a fluke and I think she will improve. She seems pretty competitive and some of hte judges still really likes her.

7) Christina: Like Janice Dickinson said ” I am bored” Blah pic

8) Tiffany: It was a decent pic! but nothing special. She wasn’t that dramatic this weekend and her Grandma was so funny over the phone.

9) Lluvy: Lame pic! but i like her personality and she is really funny. Maybe she will improve.

10) Michelle: She needs to go home. I am done writing about her . From now on, every week she is on the episode, I will just write”She needs to go home” Because every one knows why.

Noelle: Eliminated, I would have preferred Michelle over Noelle, but she was not my favorite and the judges were right, she wasn’t very model- like.And I didn’t think her picture was that great. She will probably be happy with her son anyway.

Next week looks like it will be a good episode. Only thing is it shows Brittany partying a lot. Be careful Brittany , i hope you don’t get eliminated because you mooned someone!!!!


1 Starbucks Frappucinno
2 soft steak tacos
1 fiesta potato cup

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In between

So I am sick….blah … sucks. I went home feeling really feverish and spent the rest of the time in bed. I would have taken today off except for the fact that I have a meeting and I really can’t take any time off if I want to go to Africa…

Doped up on Day Quill….. making me woozy. Whooooooooooooooooo

While driving to work today I realized, I couldn’t remember all the words to the Indian National Anthem and National Pledge, and I didn’t know all the words to Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge ofAllegiegance. What does that say about me.

Ogle worthy and cheap clothes at Forever 21. Too sick to pick my faves…maybe tomorrow

Tomato Juice
Green Tea
subway sandwich
1.5 cookie